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The UK boasts of a very good train network and train services. Train services in the UK are based on Train Operating Companies and widely differ from train services of most other countries, which have government controlled train services.

The government institutions are responsible for controlling the overall proceedings. Department of Transport is in-charge of managing the franchises in England and Wales while in Scotland the government is responsible. In some regions like Merseyside and London, the local government takes control of the franchises. Associates of Train Operating Company is an institute which coordinates the work of all the franchises and maintains the centralised information of all the trains running, signalling and booking alike.

Trains connecting major cities of UK are easily available throughout the country. Due to highly coordinated train operating services, it is very easy to reach any part of the country. You can use train timers to check out train timings while using route planners you can plan your journey in many different ways.

Booking system in the UK for train tickets is also an advanced one. You can either book your tickets from individual train operator or from websites like or

Use of diversified yet integrated system of trains in the UK attracts a lot of commuters on a daily basis and are a success as part of the transport.