Trains to Sunderland: Introduction, Train Information & Timetables

Sunderland – The City of Culture

Sunderland has been a much underrated city in the UK as it has faced a lot many hardships for a while. But now the city has bounced back with a lot more zeal, modernity and amenities as an amazing travel destination. Sunderland, the birthplace of the Venerable Bede, has sticked to its rich heritage and glorious heritage, and hence, has been truly named the city of culture for 1,400 years. Culture and learning – these two aspects have always been there in the air of Sunderland; you will also surely feel them during your Sunderland travel.

Popular Train Routes to Sunderland

Duration Depart from Arrive in Ticket price
train-icon 4 Hr 10 Min London Kings Cross Sunderland £158.5

Getting to Sunderland

Sunderland is quite well connected to majority of the cities across the United Kingdom. There are operators offering flight, rail as well as coach services to this beautiful city. However, it is easiest to reach via trains. Some of the popular trains to Sunderland entail the following routes-

Trains Tickets to Sunderland can be bought from operators like Virgin Trains, Grand Central and Northern majorly. These operators ensure best of the on-board services like clean sleepers, great refreshments, very friendly attendants and many such ad-on services, all inclusive in the tickets. Train travel not only ensures better comfort, but also is a greener way of transport as compared to driving or flying. You can be rest assured of spending some splendid time with family or friends and enjoy the scenic beauty in the suburbs as you are driven through.

You can also be the privileged one if you are able to avail cheap train tickets to Sunderland. Train tickets are generally up for advance commitment around 6 to 8 weeks ahead of the date of departure; they are available at jaw dropping prices that can make you save great amount of pounds. Also, opting for non-direct or slower trains will also land good amount of savings in your hand, which, needless to say, you can use in exploring the city more luxuriously. If you are planning to cover most of your holiday journey through trains, then the best way to avail great discounts and save time is by investing in railcards.

Sunderland train tickets can be booked online or through your booking agents. Even the stations are installed with self vending ticket machines to ensure great convenience to the passengers.

Sunderland Railway Station

Trains arrived in this town in 1836 to accentuate the working of shipbuilding industry. The Sunderland railway terminus truly reflects the city’s preparedness for the future and its shining present. All across the UK, Sunderland is the only station where Metro lines and trains (on the routes to Newcastle, Carlisle and Middlesbrough) serve the same platforms. The station is well equipped with all the important aspects of technology and gives a warm welcome to all the travellers arriving there. The station is well connected to the city through a web of taxis and local buses that can take you to the hotel of your choice or city centre swiftly.


If you are on a lookout for more of savings, and are okay with less of comfort and more travel time, then you can even opt for buses to Sunderland. There are direct coach services from destinations like Glasgow, Plymouth and Birmingham. The bus station is nearby the railway station so as to facilitate an interrupted journey to the travellers.

Popular Train Companies to Sunderland

Provider Description Country/City
rail providers london north eastern railway London North Eastern Railway Operates InterCity East Coast franchise on the East Coast Main Line between London, Yorkshire, the North East and Scotland. UK View More
rail providers east midlands trains East Midlands Trains Operates train services in the East Midlands and parts of Yorkshire, chiefly in Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Northamptonshire. UK View More
rail providers grand central Grand Central Railway Operates passenger rail services on the East Coast Main Line from Sunderland to London King's Cross. UK View More
rail providers hull trains Hull Trains Operates long-distance services between Hull/Beverley and London King's Cross. UK View More
rail providers thameslink Thameslink Connects London from Bedford to Brighton. Also connects London Luton and Gatwick Airports. UK View More

Know More About The Rejuvenated City

Sunderland is home to vibrant culture, large student base and dedicated football team. The city has shined after an overhaul and has come up with real vibrant colours and some must-visit tourist spots. Located on the banks of River Wear, Sunderland is perfect destination for a fun filled outing or leisure holiday. You are bound to fall in love with its amazing beaches, beautiful countryside and its newest mushrooming industries- car making and electronic engineering. The intricately-redeveloped place is a good blend of City Library and Arts Centre, the Stadium of Light football ground and the National Glass Centre.

Not to forget The Bridges Shopping Centre, is something you can die for. It displays some of the most luxurious and renowned brands and is located right next to the railway station. Park Lane shopping village is the perfect spot for local shopping while the greenery of Mowbray Park makes you feel really relaxed in the lap of Mother Nature. Sunderland's Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art and the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens are some of the not-to-be-missed spots. The city goes hep at night, thanks to its main nightlife area between the Bridges Shopping Centre and the university campus – its full of pubs, bars and clubs.

Thus, Sunderland is not only a city with strong, rich historic ties, but also a city with a promising future. New industries are developing on a fast pace here; there is something for everyone out there – whether you are a tourist, a businessman or a resident.

Book Trains to Sunderland from Other Top Cities

London Kings Cross | 07:06 4 Hr 23 Min | 2 Interchanges Sunderland | 11:29
£158.50 / Person 15 November 2018 Book Now
London Kings Cross | 06:12 4 Hr 10 Min | 2 Interchanges Sunderland | 10:22
£158.50 / Person 15 November 2018 Book Now
London Kings Cross | 06:33 4 Hr 28 Min | 2 Interchanges Sunderland | 11:01
£158.50 / Person 15 November 2018 Book Now
London Kings Cross | 07:00 3 Hr 34 Min | 2 Interchanges Sunderland | 10:34
£158.50 / Person 15 November 2018 Book Now
London Kings Cross | 08:00 3 Hr 34 Min | 2 Interchanges Sunderland | 11:34
£158.50 / Person 15 November 2018 Book Now
London Kings Cross | 07:30 3 Hr 52 Min | 2 Interchanges Sunderland | 11:22
£158.50 / Person 15 November 2018 Book Now