Privacy Policy

Welcome to the webpage of the ‘Privacy Policy’ of the website ‘Cheap Train Tickets.’ This webpage discloses the details about how we collect personal information from the users and how we use them. We have also disclosed why we collect such details and what could be the possible ways to store the data. The usage of “we,” “us,” and “our” denotes ‘Cheap Train Tickets.’ We request you to read all the details mentioned below carefully before you access any of our services or make the bookings. In case of any disagreement, please refrain from accessing our website or using our services. By using our website, you are clarifying that you agree to all the points and conditions mentioned below in this webpage. 

Why do we collect the information?

We collect personal and non-personal data from our users to offer customized solutions to them. Collecting data from them helps us to understand and analyze the requirements and behavior of our users. Based on the analysis, we came up with custom-made solutions. Collecting data or information from the users also helps to enhance our services for a better tomorrow. Therefore, the main reason behind the data collection is to provide better results and customized solutions to the users. 

How do we collect the information?

We collect the data in two different ways. The first way is automatic collections. In this, as soon as you visit our website, you give us access to collect some of the data from you without informing you. These data can be personal or non-personal. The second way is by manual collection, which means that the users themselves provide the data while filling up the form or at the time of booking. The process of data collection hardly takes a few minutes, but it helps us in making our services better and more approachable. 

Types of Information we collect:

There are various types of information or data that we collect from our users:

Personal Details:

Generally, the personal data is provided by the users to us. And they are aware that they are providing this information to us. We collect personal data at the time of booking, while filling up the form, or while making a purchase. Some of the major personal details we collect are:

  • Details like your name, gender, age, or birthday
  • Contact information like your phone number, email ID, or official address
  • Account details like the username, password, login details, and so on
  • Financial information like your credit or debit card details or bank account details at the time of booking
  • Traveling details: Date of journey, route of journey, travel preferences, time, number of passengers, etc.

Non-personal details:

As soon as you visit our website, you give us the authority to collect certain information about you without informing you about the same. Such information includes browser type, IP address, Operating System, and the pages you visit. We might also be aware of the device’s user IDs or other credentials that you have set up while creating an account on our website. 

Do we share the information we collect with third parties?

Yes, we do share some of the details collected from you with our third-party associates to provide you with the best of services as requested. Sometimes, we also share the details with our corporate subsidiaries. However, apart from our business associates, we do not share any of the information collected by you to any of the third-parties as we value your privacy and data safety. We make sure that details we have of you are kept securely and are not transferred or shared in any case, except if the law demands. 

Data Security

We at Cheap Train Tickets value the privacy of your data. Therefore, we follow strict guidelines and maintain complete protocol to protect your data from being shared or misused. We only share the data with trusted third parties and corporate partners. 

Modification in the policies:

We have the complete right to modify our policies as and when required. It is your responsibility to keep a check on the modified policies. We keep on updating our policies without any prior notice. This is why we recommend each visitor of our website to read and go through our policies carefully. Only if you agree with each point mentioned, go ahead and use our services. 

How to contact us?

If you are facing any issues with the policies stated on this webpage, feel free to contact us. You can get in touch with us with our official phone number or email address. You can raise your concern, and we will be happy to assist you with all your queries.