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Cheap Train Tickets - A Complete Guide for Train Travel in the UK

Cheap Trains Tickets to London

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom (UK). It is also the city with the maximum population in the UK. London has some most beautiful picturesque locations comprising of River Thames, Trafalgar Square, London Eye,

Cheap Trains Tickets to Birmingham

Birmingham is a thriving cosmopolitan city in the UK with deep connections across the nation via air, rail, coaches, and roads. Britain’s one of the most modern and vibrant

Cheap Trains Tickets to Liverpool

Liverpool is a vibrant city located in the Merseyside on the northwest coast of England with rich in history, culture and entertainment. Liverpool is known for its UNESCO

Book Cheap Train Tickets to the Most

Popular Train Routes in the United Kingdom

Swansea to London Train

Swansea, in Wales, is one of the most popular UK beach destinations. With golden sandy beaches, open green spaces, family-friendly tourist attractions, and more...

London to Nottingham Train

When it comes to London, there seems no dearth in surprising and stunning tourists with a fair amount of tourist attractions, both as buildings as well as experiences...

Leeds to Hull Train

Leeds is a flourishing city in West Yorkshire, England. The city, quite a hot spot, offers numerous amazing options for eateries, shopping destinations, leisure, and work.

Newcastle to London Train

Have you ever viewed a city from atop? The magnificence and sheer phenomenal experience enjoyed from being at such a height are truly amazing and incomparable.

Find Out UK's



  • Buying Cheap Train Tickets in the UK while you are visiting various cities is not a simple task.  You need to do be smart, do lot of research, use the perfect method to find the best and cheapest train fares before you can buy Cheap Train Tickets.
  • An enormous view of lush green and beautiful country side, a travel full of tranquillity and comfort, an opportunity to discover a country, that feeling of contributing towards a green environment, and last but not the least, achieving significant savings on travel – wonder what we are talking about? Yes – we are talking about covering the most amazing destinations in the UK by train, and saving your hard earned penny through Cheap Train Tickets.
  • Depending on how frequently you travel via trains in the UK, you should know how you can save more money.  The train fares are very dynamic and they change every moment depending on availability, routes, time of travel (peak or off peak), week days and many others.  The best way to get Cheap Train Tickets is to book well in advance and use Rail / Network Cards.
  • Travelling by train is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating ways to discover the real UK. The beauty of the bright green hills, sheep grazing the grass, well ploughed and manicured fields, beautiful small country side villages – the list of beautiful sites is simply endless. A dependable and frequent rail network means you can enjoy the beauty of different parts of the UK in a limited time. It is an absolutely enjoyable experience travelling from city to city.
  • Whether you want to take a seven day tour to Cardiff, London and Edinburgh – the three cities which exhibit Britain’s rich historic and cultural heritage, or visit England’s iconic Cotswold Countryside, or explore Scotland as much as your heart desires, travel by train is the ultimate choice.
  • This train travel becomes all the more attractive when you are offered unlimited journeys and huge savings – courtesy, cheaptraintickets.co.uk. Despite train being the best mode of travel, there are instances when you require the services of National Express Coaches. Covering 98% of the UK including local stops in England, Wales and Scotland, these coaches cover hundreds of UK towns, cities and airports – facilitating absolute connectivity with important places, train stations and airports.

We help you save significantly on rail tickets by highlighting the cheapest train tickets for your next travel plan. You can register great savings when you buy train tickets in advance. Your travel could be all the more economical if you are flexible with your time of travel. You can use our highly advanced tools for the best fare finder to find cheap train tickets.

You can always buy in advance to save more and one of the best ways to get your Cheap Train Tickets is to buy in advance.  Tickets bought at the last moment of your journey are always costly.  We recommend that you buy your Train Tickets as early as possible.

  • From mesmerising places in Scotland which have inspired the best of writers and poets, to fairytale castles you can stay in, from amazing film locations in Victoria to the beautiful landscapes of Newcastle, we bring you the best routes to go for, and help you cover the most of UK in limited time.
  • Enjoy the picturesque landscape by choosing the window seat, and bask in the luxury of train travel with a glass of wine. For train tickets UK, glance through our well explained journey planner and get ample ideas on what to see and do there when you get there.
  • it is purely dependent on how your travel plans are but some of the best places you can visit in the UK are – London, Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Norwich, Cardiff, Brighton, Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Lincoln, Aberdeen and Scotland.

At Cheap Train Tickets, you get access to all UK rail operators on a single page. Use our exhaustive journey planner to plan and book your next trip or check the relevant train timetables to ensure you book tickets on your preferred train and route. Our highly advanced ticket alert tool can also be used to inform you when advance tickets become available at competitive rates, thus helping you plan your train travel well in advance, and register significant cost savings.

It’s Not About the Destination, It’s the Journey that Takes You There – How true it is when it comes to vacationing in the large cities in the UK, or the picturesque landscapes of the country side. Each train route in the UK comes with some speciality or the other.

Some of the popular train journeys in the UK include:

  • Inverness › Thurso › Wick
  • Dingwall › Kyle of Lochalsh
  • Fort William › Mallaig
  • Newcastle › Edinburgh
  • Settle › Carlisle
  • Carlisle › Carnforth
  • Caernarfon › Porthmadog › Blaenau Ffestiniog
  • Railways: Welsh Highland Line
  • Craven Arms › Llanelli
  • Oxford › Hereford
  • St Erth › St Ives

Well – this is a big question we ask you to answer yourself. Talk about country side, history, architecture, rules and regulations, transportation, facilities by Govt for the citizens / tourists – everything is next to none.

Your decision to holiday in the UK is one of the best decisions you could have taken – the country offers everything a travel freak looks for – from a sightseeing tour of the UK’s amazingly beautiful landmarks to discovering eras of history at one of the many castles and museums, for those who love to travel back in time, or those who are romantic to the core, the options never cease to end.

Since 1995, Britain’s rail network has been operated by more than 20 private train companies.  Currently, there are 28 different train operators across Great Britain. The government ensures that each of these UK Rail Operators work together as National Rail, which means there are co-ordinated fares, tickets & information, which is consistent.

For more information, you should visit respective train provider / travel provider websites.

  1. How do I find the cheapest fares?
    1. Finding cheapest fares is very easy and requires some time and research online.  Please visit www.CheapTrainTickets.co.uk and search your desired from and to destinations.  The cheapest fares will be displayed to you depending on the date and time of travel, what kind of network / rail card you are using and whether you are choosing fast trains / trains stopping at fewer stations.
    2. By splitting your train journey, you can even get cheaper train fares and to get your Split Train Tickets, please visit www.SplitTrainTickets.net and search for your desired stations.
    3. Train fares are dynamic and keep changing.  You must book in advance as much as possible to get cheapest train tickets.
  2. Am I allowed to make multiple bookings in one transaction?
    1. Yes, You can make as many bookings as you want but for bulk bookings, you should contact the train company (Virgin Trains, National Express etc) or travel provider (Trainline, LOCO2 etc) to get group discounts.
  3. What are the different types of tickets available?
    1. Anytime Train Tickets
    2. Cheap Train Tickets
    3. Split Train Tickets
    4. Seasons Pass / National Rail Pass
    5. Single Journey Tickets
    6. Return Journey Tickets
    7. Advance Train Tickets
    8. First Class Train Tickets
    9. Off-peak Train Tickets
    10. Group Train Tickets
  4. I have limited time and budget – which routes and places are the best in the UK?
    1. This is a difficult question to answer and really depends on how much limited budget you have.
    2. We suggest that depending on time (if you have plenty), you can try buying Split Train Tickets which may help you buy within your budget.


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There is always the option of purchasing a season ticket, which can be found on our travel website, whether it is Trainline or any other train travel operator.

Weekdays are generally the busiest days. The peak times of the day are generally before 10 a.m. and in the evening between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

On weekends and holidays, however, it shifts to off-peak rates. When traveling during extreme off-peak hours, the lowest rates are available on the day of travel.

You can buy tickets for your children, elderly relatives, and friends. You can send tickets purchased for someone else through mobile tickets, e-tickets, postal mail, and a number of other ways listed on the website.

Most United Kingdom railway companies allow you to bring up to two children under the age of five for free. You would not need to purchase a ticket for your children in this situation.

On the other hand, if your children are between the ages of 5 and 15, you must purchase a ticket and can receive a 50% discount on tickets. Make sure you have your children's identification with you at all times.

Yes, it is quite possible to stop your journey. All the information related to travel is mentioned on the ticket you booked. Usually off-peak and super off-peak tickets have more possibilities to break your journey.

There are seven primary types of Railcards that are commonly used by every railway company in The United Kingdom: –

1.) Railcard 16-25.

2.) Impaired.

3.) Child with Disabilities.

4.) Family and friends.

5.) Gold Network Card.

6.) Network Railcard.

7.) The New Deal Card

8.) The HM Forces.

9.) Senior.

Typically, most Railcards cost £30 for the whole year. The cost of a handicapped Railcard is £20.

It is subject to the availability of the ticket you are purchasing for your destination. Typically, you will be assigned a reserved seat for all tickets purchased through the website. There might be a few reasons why you are unable to reserve a seat: –

1.) Seat reservations are not issued by the railway operator from whence you are picked up. This is possible for shorter journeys.

2.) All seats have been booked.

3.) The chosen train company does not provide seat reservations.

Yes, it is possible to find different pricing for the same type of ticket. There are 28 Train Operating Companies in The United Kingdom, and prices for the same type of ticket may vary. You can verify it while purchasing rail tickets online.

You may only book up to 9 people at a time, including children aged 5 to 15. If you travel in a group of 3-9 people, you may be eligible for savings on rail tickets.

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