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Split Train Tickets to Top Cities in UK

London Train Tickets

Split Ticketing to London

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom (UK). It is also the city with maximum population in UK. London has some most beautiful picturesque locations comprising of River Thames, Trafalgar Square,

Manchester Train Tickets

Split Ticketing to Manchester

Manchester is known to be the most popular and the best city in UK to live in. It is considered to be a safe and friendly place for tourists and locals scattered with various museums, restaurants, some of the largest

Glasgow Train Tickets

Split Ticketing to Glasgow

Scotland’s largest city – Glasgow engulfs great scenic beauty and some amazing tourist attractions. Historically a part of Lanarkshire, Glasgow is a feast to the tourists and travellers owing to its natural, beautiful

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London Train Tickets

London Glasgow Split Ticketing

Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city and probably one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in Scotland. People travelling from London often use trains to commute for

Newcastle Train Tickets

Newcastle London Split Ticketing

Have you ever viewed a city from atop? The magnificence and sheer phenomenal experience enjoyed from being at such a height is truly amazing and incomparable.

Cardiff Train Tickets

Cardiff London Split Ticketing

Cardiff, the capital city of Wales is gradually developing itself as one of the most popular tourist destinations. What attracts most tourists is the warm-heartedness

Norway Train Tickets

Norwich Glasgow Split Ticketing

Train being one of the most dependable means of transport, there are a large number of trains from Norwich to Glasgowtravelling on a daily basis. Train from Norwich


Most of the train travellers in the United Kingdom want to find out cheapest train ticekts for their journey and they try to do everything to find out the cheapest train tickets. One of the ways of travelling cheaper is to split your train journey (multiple tickets) and helps you save up to 70% of your travel cost. When you search and book your train tickets online through any online travel agents (Trainline, Raileasy, Loco2 or any train operator website), they will try to give you the direct, fastest and shortest options available and may charge you more. if customers have an option to change different available trains with different timings, customers may get a cheaper rate by splitting their train journey into various sections. They may have to wait a little longer at each statioin or may get a slower train.

Let’s consider traveling from London to Glasgow by train. In general, you would like to take a direct faster train or any other train with fewer stops. This costs you more because you do not want to get down at various stations and change your trains. Customers usually want to save time and take faster trains and at the same time, if you make more changes, you may have to change platforms, walk a lot with your luggage etc. If you do not have big luggage or you do not mind changing platforms and trains, the easiest way to save on your train travel is by splitting your ticket.

By Splitting the train journey, we have tools to find the cheapest available tickets for you. This is very useful to those travellers who want to have a short stay at any station. Just by changing a train or waiting for the later trains, you could save up to 70% on your train ticket costs.

Split Cheap Train Tickets has a great tool, which helps you find the best and the cheapest available fares to let you know instantly the savings you can make for the same travel.

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