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Megabus Tickets, Information, Timetable and Destinations

Megabus Bus Tickets

About Megabus UK

The Megabus coach company is a part of the Stagecoach groups. In addition to operating in the UK, it also provides destinations in Germany, France, and other European countries. Megabus UK is one of the markets leading intercity coach operators in the UK providing budget traveling. Megabus was first launched in the UK in 2003 and it offers Megabus tickets are available from £1(plus 50p booking fee) during the promo period all across the UK. It links over 90 locations providing high-quality and low-cost travel all throughout the UK. It uses most modern coaches and responsible for carrying more than 5 million passengers every year.
Megabus started operating in August 2003, initially only in the UK. Later they expanded their services to Europe and now it operates in North America as well. The Megabus services to Scotland are due to the joint venture of Scottish Citylink and Megabus. Some of its services are linked with Megatrains, which is also operated by Stagecoach.

Megabus Top Routes and Stations


Operates in many intercities and other long-distance trains in the UK.

Megabus Coupons, Deals, Vouchers and Discount Codes

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How to get cheap Megabus Tickets

Book in advance

Book your ticket at one of our coach stations, or even direct from the coach driver on the day of travel. You don’t have to pay a booking fee when you purchase a ticket from a driver.Book the best ticket prices for your journey today in advance & if you know where you are going then book bus,coaches ,fleets, in advance and helps you to save money.Find out more about advance ticket alert.

Travel Off-Peak

Are you travelling after the morning rush hour? Save money on your journey when you buy a Off Peak ticket. Off-Peak bus times can vary depending on the time of day, the day of the week and the train company you’re travelling with. Buy Off peak tickets online if you are taking a trip into the city or outside the countryside, the ticket gives you the chance to enjoy quieter bus journey at lower prices.

Price Prediction

Price prediction will help you save money by letting you know when it is the best and cheapest time to book advance bus tickets. With price prediction, we are increasing transparency around ticket costs by giving you access to all the information and get the best price for your journey. Price Prediction only works with Advance tickets for your travel.Discover the magic of price prediction.

Season Tickets

Do you commute regularly by bus/coaches? Then why not save money with a bus season ticket? Season tickets will save your time and hassle free of buying tickets daily.There are different types of season tickets for you to choose from and allow unlimited travel in both directions between the stations specified. Check out season ticket today to gets started.

Megabus Seating - First Class and Standard

MegaBus Tickets

Megabus Reserved Seat(Upper Decker)

Megabus reserved seats offer you to reserve the seats on their buses. These are available on double-decker routes to allow the customers to book their favorite seats in advance without any hassle. Enjoy the access of power outlets, seatbelts, reclining seats, free wifi and entertainment through Megabus ride. It provides free wifi services to every passenger

MegaBus Seat (Lower Decker)

Enjoy the Megabus lower decker who wants a sleepful journey. Lower decker buses make you feel comfortable for a sleeping point of view. It offers specially for senior citizens and the view is clear if you are looking for the lower one. There is only one group of four seats on the bus with a table. Lower decker buses are budget-friendly as compared to upper decker.

More About Megabus

They have over 90 destinations in the UK, to name the few popular destinations:

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Glasgow
  • Cardiff
  • Newquay
  • Plymouth
  • Birmingham
  • Falmouth
  • Aberdeen
  • Bradford
  • Halifax

For service efficiency, Megabus sometimes uses coach way interchanges instead of using the urban bus stations, like using Meadowhall interchange instead of using Sheffield Interchange. A few of the stop locations are London: Victoria Coach station Manchester: Shudehill Interchange Sheffield: Meadowhall Interchange Taking a step further they have introduced a luxury bus journey know as Megabus Gold services. In 2009, Megabus.com also started operating megatrain.com, which is a low-cost train service in the UK, offering tickets as cheap as £1(plus 50p booking fee) during the promo period all across the UK. The services of Megabus and Mega train combined were launched in 2009 and are called megabusplus.com provides through the journey from one destination to another. Mega train links over 60 destinations in the UK on the South West Trains and East Midlands train routes, both operated by Stagecoach. Services are only available from Monday to Saturday, with no services on Sunday and public holidays. In 2012, Megabus UK began the cross-nation services, with services linking the UK with Europe, like from Birmingham and London to Paris and from Leicester and London to Brussels and Amsterdam. Later in 2013, they started the route between Cologne, Brussels, Gent, and London. In 2006, Megabus introduced intercity bus services in the US and Canada, providing cheapest intercity travel, operating at the point-to-point network of routes, so as fewer stops are made by the busses en route to their destinations.

Traveling by bus can sometimes become a daunting task, due to the inaccessible bus stations. Megabus makes things easier for the travelers as the Megabus stations are easily accessible by public transport. London Victoria coach station is situated on the intersection of Buckingham Palace Road and Elizabeth Street. It is located 440 yards from the Victoria Underground station, which is well connected by Circle lines, District lines and Victoria lines underground.

To book a seat and check the destinations can easily be done by the Megabus timetables which are available from the Megabus website. For a selected date and destination, the timetable also shows the duration of the journey and the various Megabus stations it will be stopping.

Megabus UK provides completely ticketless bus services to various destinations at a price as cheap as £1(plus 50p booking fee), to the first or initial customer that purchases the tickets for that trip on a first come first serves basis. The £1 is the promo rate, which anybody can avail if the tickets are booked well in advance. They use a yield management model, where lowest fare is offered for booking early tickets and less popular journey routes. Mainly the first six seats are sold for £1. Megabus do charge more for the premium schedules and as the seats start getting reserved. It also runs certain promotional offers for free seats providing more value for money. They try to fill their seats during the off-peak times when is the best time to get the best deal. To reduce the delays, services often use out of town coach interchanges. Within the UK, passengers even not required to carry any printed copy of their reservation, confirmation email or SMS messages can serve the purpose. Megabus.com also provides third-party insurance in accordance with legal responsibility. It endeavors to ensure that all of its vehicles have toilet facilities on board, which are air-conditioned and heating facilities. Luggage weighing 20kgs maximum, and the standard luggage size is allowed by the bus service. Megabus also provides facilities for disabled passengers. If you use a wheelchair or scooter for day-to-day life and you are able to climb few steps then the driver will help you to your seat and they will store your wheelchair or the scooter in the luggage bay. However, if you normally use a wheelchair and you need to remain in it for the trip then we suggest you do not buy the tickets, instead please contact +44 141 332 9644 for further assistance. Megabus provides the cheapest ticketless, on-time travel between two cities. It is one of the most cost-effective options to travel and which provides basic amenities like onboard toilets and reclining seats.

The Megabus fleet can be identified as the megabus.com's name is highlighted on the front and the sides in yellow against the blue base, with the Megabus logo on the left side of the coaches (facing forward), and rear of the bus.

In 2009 Megabus added new Van Hool Astromega double-decker coaches, which is currently used between London to Scotland via Manchester. In November 2011, they started daily services due to the popular demands of the passengers. They used the modified Volvo B10M articulated coaches, which has Jonckheere bodywork. In 2013 Megabus introduced the new Plaxton Elite I coaches that have 20% extra capacity than the normal coaches. It also includes 15m long 63-seat coaches of Plaxton Panther body Volvo B12BT.

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