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Save 30%

Save 30% on First and Second Class Tickets For Adults Aged 27-59

SNCF presents a remarkable offer on Adult Card memberships, granting individuals aged 27 to 59 an exceptional 30% discount on both first and second class tickets. This exclusive opportunity is perfect for regular travelers seeking luxurious rail experiences at a significantly reduced cost.

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Get 60% Off

LIBERTÉ CARD - Save 60% on 2nd Class and 45% on Business Première Fares in 1st Class

Introducing the Liberté Card, your gateway to unparalleled savings on SNCF train travel. Experience a remarkable 60% discount on 2nd Class fares and a substantial 45% discount on 1st Class Business Première fares. Bid farewell to excessive expenses and welcome budget-friendly luxury with the Liberté Card.

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SNCF Train Tickets, Train Times, Routes and Destinations

SNCF Train Tickets

The Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français, popularly known as SNCF, is basically owned by the French national railway business. Established in 1938, SNCF played a vital and important part in France's railway network. TheSNCF train TGV is one of the high-speed train services and has also become one of the prominent names in France's railways as it is infused with efficiency and technology. TGV networking serves in different domestic and beautiful locations such as Bordeaux, Italy, Spain, Paris, Lyon and many others.

The SNCF TGV also establishes links to various neighbouring countries like Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and many others. Recently, in the last few years, SNCF trainline has become immensely modernized both in its infrastructure and expansion. The introduction of new models of trains including TGV Duplex, TGV octane and LGV extensions are few of its future projects and extensions.

What should you expect when you are travelling on SNCF trains?

Before you book SNCF train tickets, there are certain amazing things that you can check out. Have a look!

Easy and comfortable seating arrangement: SNCF ensures a wider range of seating choices or options. This includes standard seats, spacious seats in first class. The seats are extremely comfortable and is also equipped with various other features such as tables, reading lights, power outlets and much more. 

Amusing storage capacity: SNCF trains ensure proper area for luggage storage. There are certain overhead racks just above the seats for larger bags, and there are spaces near the entrances to keep huge suitcases. 

On Board Amenities: SNCF trains usually offer amazing amenities including restrooms, vending machines, snack bars or dining cars where you could purchase foods and beverages. There is availability of these facilities which are dependent on the kind of train and journey duration. 

Accessibility: SNCF ensures that passengers with disabilities are comfortable as well. There are different trains which are equipped with various facilities including assistance services, wheelchair spaces, accessible restrooms. It is suggested to inform SNCF on an advance basis if you need any special assistance throughout the journey. 

Enjoy using wifi and stay entertained: SNCF keeps on working and trying to improve connectivity. It is true that not all trains provide wifi services. However, there are some high-speed trains that provide amazing internet accessibility. But yes, there are few high-speed trains that provide internet access. You can enjoy watching movies, listen to music and stay entertained. 

SNCF Train Ticket Types:

There are different SNCF train ticket types; you can check out the details here:

Prem's: It is the least expensive and is accessible in the second and first class. There are a limited number of tickets that are accessible on a first-come, first-serve basis. As an outcome, booking the tickets is required on an advance basis. These tickets are usually exchangeable or refundable. This fare is only valid for the TGV Inoui and Intercity.  

Seconde: These tickets provide accessibility to seats in the second class. These appear to be limited edition tickets and the cost keeps on increasing as the departure approaches. As a outcome, the earlier you can book ticket, there is a higher chances that you would crack a good deal. These SECONDE tickets are easily exchangeable or refundable, but this is occasional. Now, this ticket is only available on Intercity and Inoui TGVs. 

First Class: SNCF First class was launched in 2019 May. One can witness luxurious travelling experience on TGV and inter-city trains. The price increase as the departure date gets closer and so it is suggested that you book it as soon as possible. The first-class tickets are exchangeable and refundable just like seconds class tickets. 

Business First: The first-class fare could be changed at any time. It allows you to choose a seat in first class, ensuring the same luxury and giving access to the Grand Voyageur Lounge in stations. The tickets could be exchanged or refunded up to 30 minutes after they have been issued. 

How can I seek cheap SNCF tickets?

You can seek SNCF cheap train tickets, which ensures planning and knowledge of the available discounts and promotions. Here's a quick glance at how you can seek cheap train tickets.

Book your Advance Ticket: If you book your account earlier or on an advance basis, you will be able to seek cheaper tickets.

Be Flexible with Travelling Dates and Times: Try to travel during off-peak times, such as weekdays or outside holiday periods, as processes are lower.

Look out for Promotions and Special Offers: SNCF provides offers, promotions, discounts, and special deals on its website. Keep a check on campaigns and flash sales.

Use Discount Cards: There are various discount cards that you can use to save money, effort and time.

SNCF Train Timetable:

Before you start travelling, you must keep a keen check on SNCF timetable as it keeps on varying. Mostly, all SNCF services feature various onboard wifi, power outlets, comfortable and convenient seating arrangements and enough space for legroom. SNCF also operates its services from Paris to Marseille, and Bordeaux. 

SNCF Popular Routes:

Seek SNCF summer sale tickets and get to check out amusing routes and that too at an affordable price. Check out few of the popular routes here!

Paris to Marseille: It usually takes 3 hours and 59 minutes to cover this route. However, it would take just 3 hours and 4 minutes if you choose the fastest TGV services. There are more than 15 trains which run directly on this popular route every day. If you choose this route, you will depart from Paris Gare De Lyon station and travel across the French Countryside, and then you would reach or arrive at Marseille St Charles station. This would be an extremely comfortable and safe journey for you. These high-speed trains will ensure top-notch services and comfortable seating arrangements, including solo seats and a separate lounge. The entire route from Paris to Marseille is extremely scenic, and once you arrive at the destination, you can roam around the beautiful Old Port, where you can discover aesthetic cafes, boutique hotels and innumerable eateries. 

Paris to Lyon: On average, it takes 3 hours and 15 minutes to cover 409 miles, which is 660km. More than ten trains run every day on this route. Also, there are direct services available as well, and the cheapest train ticket for this route is $56. The first train leaves at 6:00 am, and the last train at 9:38 pm. You can check out the beautiful and wonderful scenarios of Lyon's Old Town, which is Vieux Lyon. Apart from that, you can also witness the historic Roman Theatre and discover the various UNESCO-listed areas. Check out the SNCF train timetables and book a ticket for yourself immediately.

Paris to Nice: If you wish to travel from Paris to Nice, get yourself an SNFC first-class ticket and then travel without hassle. On average, the entire journey takes 5 hours and 58 minutes. More than seven trains run on this famous route each day, which is provided by SNCF and OUIGO. The high-speed TGV services would take only 5 hours and 41 minutes. As soon as you reach Nice Ville Station, you will be just 15 minutes away from the immaculate and pristine beach scenarios. You can go out for a short walk from Nice Cathedral, which is located near the historic old town of Nice. If you wish to explore South France, you can also take day trips.

Paris to Toulouse: There are many that run from Paris to Toulouse. The distance is 425 miles, which is 685km. This distance is covered in 5 hours and 43 minutes on average. There are 13 trains which run every day. However, the fastest trains that run between these routes take 4 hours and 6 minutes. One can also prefer travelling on the TVG first-class train, which basically allows you to enjoy sitting on reclining seats for an extra comfortable aura. The Toulouse station is located in the city centre on the banks of Canal Du Midi. One can enjoy free wifi, power outlets, baggage storage, and much more.

SNCF Popular Destinations:

SNCF trainline covers a wider range of routes and destination. You can check out the top 4 most popular SNCF destinations. Have a look!

Paris: Indeed, the most romantic destination, Paris, is surely a dream place. Blessed with amusing picturesque scenarios, wonderful places to visit and witness the historically enhancing iconic art and architecture of ancient times. Get yourself SNCF train tickets and get ready to witness the timeless beauty of this wonderland, Paris. If you love travelling, this amusing destination is surely for you. Amongst the long list of places to visit, the first in the list is the extremely beautiful Eiffel Tower. The captivating aura and immaculate scenarios would leave you aw-struck. One can also enjoy exotic dining and amusing shopping experiences. Get ready to witness the unforgettable charm and beauty of Paris. Apart from that, there are innumerable places that you can visit, such as Norte Dame Cathedral, Disneyland, Palace of Versailles and many others. 

London: A vibrant destination which is a popular choice of travellers and tourists. There is a long list of places where you can spend quality time with your friends, family and special ones. You can witness the royalty spotting and museum trips. Witness the iconic and wonderful destinations of London such as Tower of London, The British Museum, London Eye, National Gallery, Tower Bridge and many others.  Explore and dive deep into the historic and cultural galleries and museums of London. If you are a travel enthusiast, and hustle-bustle of city life attracts you, this is the place to be!

Amsterdam: Extra-ordinary architecture, breathtaking scenarios, and aw-strick aura, Amsterdam is the best place to be. Amsterdam is blessed with vibrant customs and culture, rick history and heritage plus it has an aesthetic appealing. If you are wondering about the beautiful spots like Torensluis Brug Vondelpark, Dam Square and many others. Apart from that, if you wish to witness the wonderful buildings of Amsterdam, you must definitely visit the dancing houses, Royal Palace, Central station and Sumertime Housing.

Popular SNCF Stations:

  • Bellignat
  • Culoz
  • Gare Du Nord
  • Pnt Cardinet

Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs)

Can we travel in first on SNCF trains?
The SNCF trains have renowned high-speed TGV trains and many intercity trains, which ensures a first-class travelling experience.

What are the benefits of standard class?
One can enjoy innumerable benefits such as free wifi, enough luggage space, reclining seats, power outlets and much more.

Is Business class comfortable?
Definitely, yes, there are leather recliners, large storage space for baggage, and welcome service, including complimentary drinks and snacks. There are even glass partitions between the seats.

How long does it take on a TGV train from Paris to Lyon?
It takes approximately 2 hours.

Are the tickets cheaper if I book in advance?
Prices do vary depending on the time.

Can we travel with our pets on the SNCF train?
If you bring all of your pet's identifying documents with you while travelling, then you can travel with your pets.

SNFC is surely a renowned and acclaimed national railway company in France. It offers top-notch services and amusing train service networking. It has high-speed TGV trains and amusing regional services, including intercity connections. It ensures convenience, comfort, and safety. Book yourself a cheap SNCF train ticket and experience hassle-free travel.  

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SNCF Top Routes and Stations

How to get cheap SNCF Tickets

Book in Advance

Generally, train tickets in the UK are on sale and that lasts up to 3 months before the traveling date. You can look out for advance tickets as it appears to be cheaper when it is released on a priority basis. You are expected to book your tickets on a priority basis in order to save a lot of your money, time and effort. If you have already planned your itinerary, you must make sure to book your tickets on an advance basis. You must be quick enough to book your tickets or else you would end up missing out on the best options. There is a lot of hustle-bustle in booking and so it gets important to grab your tickets as a priority.

Travel Off-Peak

If you are traveling across the UK by train, you can experience immense benefits as you would enjoy a reduction in fares. However, you can only enjoy reduced fares if you select that time of the day which is less busy. Generally, the prices are high, however if you make sure to book with everyone beforehand, you would definitely be able to crack a budget-friendly deal. When you are looking out for tickets, you can keep track of the details including all the tickets that are available plus you can check out the highlighted cheapest tickets.

Price Prediction

The Prediction tool will help you to keep a quick check on the ticket pricing. With our quirky tool you can keep a grasp of different ticket prices, and also whether it is going to increase or not. This tool will ultimately help you to seek the best value fares. Make sure you are aware of the best deals on a prior basis in order to beat the rush and so you will be able to save more time, effort and money as well. Imagine how convenient it would be if you already had an idea about the pricing. It will help and guide you to seek your tickets on an advance basis at an affordable price.

Season Tickets

In case you are a commuter who keeps on traveling regularly, more than twice a week then you must keep a complete check on the LNER season ticket. These tickets will ultimately help and guide you to save your valuable money, time plus effort. You would be surprised to know that these season tickets are also available in different sorts of flexible options which is as per the various time frames. So, in case traveling is a daily or weekly thing for you, you must check out the season ticket, it would help and guide you to travel hassle-free. There is a season ticket calculator as well if you wish to check out the status.

SNCF Seating - First Class and Standard

SNCF Tickets

Standard Class

Equivalent to SNCF's Second Class, Standard Class offers you to enjoy the high-speed train at a reasonable price. On board, you will have access to reclining seats, electrical outlets at each seat, plenty of baggage space, free WiFi, and other amenities.

Executive Class

Finally, choose Executive Class to enjoy incomparable comfort and a unique kind of travel experience. You may adjust the backrest of the huge leather chairs for optimal comfort, as well as the footrests, and rotate your seat for greater privacy. You'll also have a delicious lunch delivered to your seat. Unlike Business Class, Executive Class does not have a quiet area but offers a conference room. The conference room, which has five seats, power outlets, and a flat screen that can be linked to your computer, is great if you need to attend a work meeting during your vacation.

Business Class

Business Class is excellent for those who want to fly from Paris to Lyon with peace of mind. All of the features of Standard Class are available in Frecciarossa's Business Class, as well as huge leather recliners, a spacious baggage room, and a welcome service with sweets, snacks, coffee, and beverages. Furthermore, the glass dividers created between the chairs provide extra privacy.

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