Cookie Policy

Cookies are a set of personal data which is automatically collected at the time when you use any website. The major function of cookies is to remember important things about you so that you can get customized search results. Generally, we at Cheap Train Tickets also collect major cookies to provide users with enhanced services and customized results. We also collect cookies from third parties to understand your search behaviour and engagement pattern. As we collect all such details, we would like you to be aware of all such information that is being collected from you as cookies.


Types of cookies:


There are basically three types of cookies:


  • Important or necessary cookies: Without this, the website stops work
  • Performance cookies: It affects the speed of the website.
  • Personal cookies: These tell a lot about the users and their search behaviour.


Other types of cookies:


  • Session cookies: Temporary data for single website visits.
  • Persistent cookies: Store information for future sessions.
  • Analytical cookies: Track and analyze website performance data.
  • Targeting cookies: Personalize content based on user preferences.
  • Advertising cookies: Deliver personalized advertisements to users.
  • Social media cookies: Enable interaction with social media platforms.

The main purpose of cookies is to enhance the user experience. However, if you are not comfortable, you may choose not to share cookies due to the fear of privacy breaches. However, that stops you from accessing various websites and availing multiple services. Also, getting customized search results will be difficult. Therefore, the decision is yours to choose or not choose cookies for sharing.