Nottingham to Oxford Train

May 30, 2019

Nottingham to Oxford Train

Oxford Train Tickets

Travelling can be many times enjoyable given that there are a number of trains from Nottingham to Oxford on a daily basis. Oxford University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, there are lots of students who opt for Nottingham to Oxford train. Train from Nottingham to Oxford being one of the busiest trains, there is a total of 48 trains traveling daily. Travelers who wish to travel by road can opt for Nottingham to Oxford bus as it is much cheaper as compared to the trains. You may book your tickets online after comparing the prices.

Popular Providers from Nottingham to Oxford

Virgin Train Tickets

The Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains is revered as one of the most fascinating experience provider in their spacious, cosy trains that only speaks volume of their much care and attention provided towards their passengers.

Thameslink Train Tickets


ThamesLink, now a merged entity with Great Northern offers train services linking people from the north and south of River Thames running through the heart of London.

Transpennine Express Train Tickets

Transpennine Express

320 services daily, serving 83 stations, carrying around 61,000 customers every day in 70 modern air conditioned trains makes TransPennine Express one of the most preferred train providers.

Northern Rail Train Tickets

Northern Rail

Train journey has become an essential part of everyday life as one travels for work, education, leisure, shopping or any other purpose. While working towards reducing travel times.


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