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CrossCountry Train Tickets, Train Times, Routes and Destinations

CrossCountry Train Tickets

CrossCountry is an Arriva UK Trains-owned train operating company in the United Kingdom that operates its franchise. The Department of Transport revealed its intention to reorganize several current railway franchises in June 2006. As a result of these modifications, the 'New Cross Country' franchise was created. It is a train operator that offers low cost CrossCountry train tickets and prices. Trains to CrossCountry are popular because they allow customers to travel great distances throughout the UK without making too many stops. This means you can travel throughout England, Wales, and Scotland, stopping only at major train stations to transfer to your final destination. Because only key stations are included throughout the route, this drastically reduces the amount of time spent on the train. It offers the longest train service in the United Kingdom, running from Penzance in Cornwall to Aberdeen in Scotland. The trains, which move at speeds of up to 100mph, provide a high-speed and high-quality service that bypasses London, opening up dependable and speedy travelling alternatives to much more than the UK.


What to expect when you travel on Crosscountry trains?


There are various things to expect when travelling on CrossCountry trains:


Wi-Fi and power outlets: Many CrossCountry trains provide Wi-Fi, allowing you to stay connected and browse the internet while travelling. Additionally, power plugs are frequently located near seating areas, allowing you to charge your electronic gadgets. Some CrossCountry trains have designated quiet zones where passengers are asked to keep the atmosphere as calm as possible. These zones offer a tranquil environment for people who want a more serene journey. Cross-country trains make every effort to accommodate passengers with mobility issues or other disabilities. They usually feature specific wheelchair spots, accessible restrooms, and assistance with boarding and alighting the train.

Onboard Amenties: Cross-country trains have excellent seating throughout their coaches. Seats are typically outfitted with tables, power outlets, and enough legroom to provide a comfortable travel. The trains are outfitted with a variety of amenities to make your travel more enjoyable. These may feature onboard restrooms, luggage racks, and designated bicycle storage areas. Onboard catering is often available on CrossCountry trains, where you can purchase snacks, beverages, and small meals. Catering facilities may be available depending on the train and the length of your journey.


Cross Country Train Ticket Types:


CrossCountry trains provide a variety of ticket options to meet the needs of their passengers. Here are some examples of common ticket types:

Advance Tickets: These tickets can be purchased in advance and guarantee a specific seat reservation for a specific train and day. Advance tickets are often limited in supply and can offer significant savings over purchasing tickets on the day of travel.


Anytime Tickets: Anytime tickets provide the maximum flexibility because they allow you to travel on any train service on the selected route at any time. They are usually more expensive than advance tickets and are valid for the entire day.


E-tickets: A more convenient method of obtaining your CrossCountry ticket. Why not try an e-Ticket to bypass the station lines? This is an alternative to a paper ticket because it is emailed straight to you. You have the option of displaying your ticket in your Apple Wallet, as a PDF on your phone or printing it at home. 


Off-Peak Tickets: Off-peak tickets are valid for travel during off-peak hours, typically outside of the busiest times of the day. These tickets are usually cheaper than anytime tickets and offer more flexibility compared to specific time-restricted tickets like super off-peak or peak tickets.


Super Off-Peak Tickets: Super off-peak tickets have additional restrictions on top of the off-peak conditions. They are only valid for travel during the least busy times of the day, often outside of standard commuting hours. Super off-peak tickets are generally cheaper than off-peak and anytime tickets.


How to get cheap Crosscountry tickets?


Consider the following strategies to get CrossCountry cheap train tickets:


Book in Advance: CrossCountry provides advance tickets, which are typically less expensive than purchasing tickets on the day of travel. The earlier you book, the better your chances of getting a lesser fare. As soon as your travel plans are finalised, book your tickets.


Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates and Times: Prices can vary depending on the time and day of your trip. Consider travelling during off-peak hours or on less busy days if you have the time. Avoid travelling during peak periods, such as weekday mornings and evenings, when many commuters are on the road.


Consider Railcards: Railcards are available for a variety of groups, including students, the elderly, and families, and provide discounted rates for eligible train rides. If you fall into one of these groups and travel regularly, purchasing a railcard can help you save money over time. Also check for CrossCountry discount code and CrossCountry promo code to get additional discount.


Avoid Peak travel days: If your travel plans allow, avoid booking tickets on Fridays, Sundays, or during busy holiday periods when demand and prices tend to be higher. Travelling throughout the week or on less popular days can often result in lower rates.


Cross Country trains Timetable:


In order to provide its customers with the maximum level of reliability, CrossCountry develops its timetable six months in advance. Even CrossCountry, though, sometimes experiences sudden schedule changes. From Oxford to Manchester, the train ride takes less than three hours. On this route, there are roughly five trains every day. Plymouth to Edinburgh travel time is a little longer, taking about eight hours. Every day, there are about three trains. There are far more trains on other lines, some of which even run every hour.


Cross Country Popular Routes:


Some of the most well-traveled CrossCountry’s routes are highlighted below.


Birmingham to Manchester: Traveling by Train from Birmingham to Manchester takes an average of 1h 42m over a distance of approximately 70 miles (113 km). There are normally 26 trains per day running from Birmingham to Manchester, with tickets starting at $14.95 when purchased in advance. Direct trains available. The first train leaves at -05:01 and the last train leaves at- 23:59.


Edinburgh (Waverley) to Plymouth: The train journey from Edinburgh (Waverley) to Plymouth takes approximately 9h 7m and covers a distance of approximately 387 miles (623 km). There are normally 18 trains per day running from Edinburgh (Waverley) to Plymouth, with tickets starting at $98.17 when purchased in advance. Direct trains available. The first train leaves at - 05:06 and the last train leaves at - 15:08


Glasgow to Newcastle: Traveling by Train from Glasgow to Newcastle takes an average of 2h 44m over a distance of approximately 120 miles (194 km). There are usually four trains per day running from Glasgow to Newcastle, with tickets starting at $16.64 when purchased in advance. Direct trains available. The first train leaves at - 06:48 and the last train leaves at - 19:00.


Bristol Temple Meads to Edinburgh (Waverley): Traveling by train from Bristol Temple Meads to Edinburgh (Waverley) takes an average of 7h 3m over a distance of approximately 312 miles (502 km). There are normally 17 trains per day running from Bristol Temple Meads to Edinburgh (Waverley), with tickets starting at $87.12 when purchased in advance. Direct trains available. The first train leaves at - 05:15 and the last train leaves at - 16:35.


York to Edinburgh (Waverley): Traveling by train from York to Edinburgh (Waverley) takes an average of 2h 57m over a distance of approximately 161 miles (259 km). There are 62 trains per day that travel from York to Edinburgh (Waverley), and tickets start at $24.83 when purchased in advance. Direct trains available. The first train leaves at - 05:27 and the last train leaves at - 21:40.


Edinburgh (Waverley) to York: It takes approximately 2h 51m to travel by train from Edinburgh (Waverley) to York, a distance of approximately 161 miles (259 km). There are 62 trains per day that travel from Edinburgh (Waverley) to York, and tickets start at $24.83 when purchased in advance. Direct trains available. The first train leaves at - 04:48 and the last train leaves at - 21:00


Top Destinations:


You have so many options when travelling with Cross Country, from the expansive views of the Highlands to the gherkins and walkie-talkies of London. And while you take a break, Crosscountry will get you there more quickly and affordably wherever you choose to go. Here are some popular destinations:


Aberdeen: Learn about a large city with a sandy beach. A cross-country train will take you to Aberdeen, a little-known city that seamlessly combines all the attractions of a bustling metropolis with lots of open space and sandy beaches. When are you going to go, since there is so much to offer? Aberdeen Station serves as the city's primary train station.


Birmingham: A vibrant, international city located in England. Birmingham is a well-liked vacation spot with a tonne to offer, so many people decide to travel there by train. From every part of the UK, CrossCountry offers direct trains to Birmingham.


Bournemouth: A fantastically British seaside community with plenty of entertainment and culture. Bournemouth is a well-liked vacation destination, especially in the summer, as it has one of the best stretches of coastline in the UK. Getting on a train to Bournemouth is a great idea because the station is close to the city and beaches. From cities across the nation, direct trains run to the coastal town operated by CrossCountry.


Bristol: Bristol's distinct personality is a result of the fusion of the past and present. The largest city in South West England, Bristol welcomes a ton of tourists each year. It's no surprise that it's such a well-liked destination given that it is known for its hipster culture, suspension bridge, and street art. CrossCountry operates numerous direct trains to Bristol. Some frequent services include - Cardiff to Bristol, Exeter to Bristol and Birmingham to Bristol.


Cambridge: Cambridge, a city for all seasons, catches people's attention. The city of Cambridge is rich in history and personality. It is a place that everyone enjoys, whether you want to be inspired by one of the many exquisite museums and art galleries or simply take in the architecture and natural surroundings. Take a CrossCountry train to Cambridge and enjoy a punt down the river Cam, some retail therapy, or some downtime in one of the many pubs the city has to offer. Popular routes to this destination are Peterborough to Cambridge and Stansted to Cambridge.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where do Crosscountry trains go?

CrossCountry trains operate throughout the United Kingdom, serving destinations such as Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds, Southampton, Plymouth, and many more.


Are food and drinks available on Crosscountry trains?

Yes, food and drinks are available on CrossCountry trains. They typically have an onboard catering service where passengers can purchase snacks, beverages, and light meals during their journey.


Is first class available on Crosscountry trains?

Yes, first class seating is available on CrossCountry trains.


Cross-country trains offer a handy and comfortable way of travelling within the United Kingdom. CrossCountry attempts to provide an excellent travel experience by offering a diverse range of locations, onboard facilities such as comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, catering services, and a commitment to accessibility. Whether you're a commuter or a leisure traveller, CrossCountry trains provide a dependable and quick way to get to your destination, providing a pleasant ride for all passengers.

CrossCountry Top Routes and Stations

Glasgow to Newcastle Train

Glasgow to Newcastle Train

Each year many visitors travel by train from Glasgow to the friendly capital of the North East, Newcastle. Newcastle has plenty of things to do and it has even...

Bristol to Edinburgh Train

Bristol to Edinburgh Train

We only live once, so passing up a chance to travel is equal to passing up a life altering experience and if you wish to have the most wonderful experience of your life then you can opt for trains from Bristol to Edinburgh

York to Edinburgh Train

York to Edinburgh Train

If you want to experience more joy in life, then you need to travel more and traveling by train from York to Edinburgh which plies in a large number of daily gives you an awesome experience.

Birmingham to Manchester Train

Birmingham to Manchester Train

Birmingham has a rich historical background of being the seat of the civil rights movement. To get to know more about this city, come on over for a short weekend getaway and spend the day

How to get cheap CrossCountry Tickets

Book in Advance

Book your ticket at one of our coach stations, or even direct from the coach driver on the day of travel. You don’t have to pay a booking fee when you purchase a ticket from a driver.Book the best ticket prices for your journey today in advance & if you know where you are going then book bus,coaches ,fleets, in advance and helps you to save money.Find out more about advance ticket alert.

Travel Off-Peak

Are you travelling after the morning rush hour? Save money on your journey when you buy a Off Peak ticket. Off-Peak bus times can vary depending on the time of day, the day of the week and the train company you’re travelling with. Buy Off peak tickets online if you are taking a trip into the city or outside the countryside, the ticket gives you the chance to enjoy quieter bus journey at lower prices.

Price Prediction

Price prediction will help you save money by letting you know when it is the best and cheapest time to book advance bus tickets. With price prediction, we are increasing transparency around ticket costs by giving you access to all the information and get the best price for your journey. Price Prediction only works with Advance tickets for your travel.Discover the magic of price prediction.

Season Tickets

Do you commute regularly by bus/coaches? Then why not save money with a bus season ticket? Season tickets will save your time and hassle free of buying tickets daily.There are different types of season tickets for you to choose from and allow unlimited travel in both directions between the stations specified. Check out season ticket today to gets started.

CrossCountry Seating - First Class and Standard

CrossCountry Tickets

Standard Class

Standard Class is the standard seating option available on CrossCountry trains. It provides comfortable seating with ample legroom, tables, and power sockets. Passengers in Standard Class can enjoy the convenience of onboard facilities, including access to catering services, restrooms, and Wi-Fi (where available).

First Class

Crosscountry First Class offers a more premium travel experience with additional amenities and comforts. Passengers in First Class enjoy spacious seating with extra legroom, larger seats, and more privacy. They also have access to complimentary Wi-Fi, power outlets, and dedicated luggage space. First Class passengers are treated to complimentary food and drinks, including hot and cold refreshments, throughout their journey. Access to exclusive lounges at select stations further enhances the First-Class experience.

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