Glasgow to Manchester Train

June 2, 2019

Glasgow to Manchester Trains

Manchester Train Tickets

‘Lovely Green Place’ or Glasgow is a city that has transformed itself from a hard-core industrial city to a culturally rich, naturally beautiful and utterly welcoming city. What makes Glasgow stand out from the rest is the bountiful nature in the form of more than 70 parks and innumerable open spaces that gives you the expanse to spread your wings and reach out to the horizons. Nature walking, sky gazing is a great way to spend your time in Glasgow. Other tourist attractions include numerous museums, galleries, cultural centres and a good number of restaurants serving up delectable dishes. Trains From Glasgow To Manchester covers the 296 km within 4 hours run by nationally accredited train service providers.

Popular Providers from Glasgow to Manchester

Virgin Train Tickets

The Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains is revered as one of the most fascinating experience provider in their spacious, cosy trains that only speaks volume of their much care and attention provided towards their passengers.

Thameslink Train Tickets


ThamesLink, now a merged entity with Great Northern offers train services linking people from the north and south of River Thames running through the heart of London.

Transpennine Express Train Tickets

Transpennine Express

320 services daily, serving 83 stations, carrying around 61,000 customers every day in 70 modern air conditioned trains makes TransPennine Express one of the most preferred train providers.

Northern Rail Train Tickets

Northern Rail

Train journey has become an essential part of everyday life as one travels for work, education, leisure, shopping or any other purpose. While working towards reducing travel times.

More About Glasgow to Manchester

Manchester, unofficially known as The Capital of the North by virtue of its stature. The city has always held a special place in the history of UK having influenced significantly industrial revolution and music development. Known also for its sporting connections, this ‘second city’ of UK has garnered quite a fair share of the tourist population in recent years. There are primarily two facets of Manchester – the Cultural Manchester including the Contact, Home, The Lowry, Manchester Art Gallery, etc. The Historical Manchester incorporates the Castlefield, Manchester Cathedral, Manchester Town Hall, St Ann’s Church, etc. There are several Glasgow to Manchester Train running at regular intervals so that you reach your destination at a time that suits you the most.

Trains Glasgow To Manchester are available from way early in the morning at around 4.30am reaching Manchester at around are available from way early in the morning at around 4.30am reaching Manchester at around 8 in the morning, considering it’s a direct train with no stops in between. An indirect train may take little longer time to reach Manchester.

Northern Rail, First Trans Pennine Express and Virgin trains operate the Glasgow To Manchester Train plying between Glasgow Central and Manchester Oxford Road and Deansgate.

Booking tickets for your Train From Glasgow To Manchester is a no-brainer with a variety of tickets available. What is more interesting is the offers and deals that help you cut your travel costs significantly. Leveraging the same is definitely the right choice. Keep an eye on the various lucrative deals and offers and apply them judiciously and save on your hard eared money.

You can also make this journey by the Glasgow To Manchester bus. Several operators including National Express runs regular buses between the two cities and are of then the best and budget friendly way to travel. The buses arrive at the Chorlton Street Coach Station, located close to the centre of the city making further commuting extremely easy.

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