Cardiff to London Train

June 4, 2019

Cardiff to London Trains

Cardiff, the capital city of Wales is gradually developing itself as one of the most popular tourist destinations. What attracts most tourists is the warm-heartedness of the Welsh culture, the picturesque locales and the delicious local cuisine. Come to Cardiff for its castles, green spaces, shopping centers and sporting events. Don’t forget to make a stopover at Cardiff Bay while you are on your way to visit the Wales Millennium Centre, Bute Park, Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff Castle, Castell Coch, and many more. A 2 hours journey taken by the Cardiff London Train is the best way to travel between the two cities.

London, the capital city of England that draw millions of visitors from around the globe. Known for its rich historical background, London also houses remarkable landmarks that are one of a kind. The Buckingham Palace, The Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, The Big Ben, the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, the Royal Theatre are few of the many attractions in London. The nightlife is marked by world famous plays and shows, a gastronomic spread of local as well as foreign cuisines in acclaimed restaurants, such as Gordon Ramsay, The Ledbury, The Cove Club etc. Reaching London from Cardiff is just a couple of hour’s journey in the Cardiff To London Train. While the weekdays take less time to arrive, a weekend trip may take up to 4 hours to reach London.

How about making the journey from Cardiff to London by bus? Cardiff To London bus run by National Express, Megabus, takes 3 hours to reach London. National Express buses depart from Cardiff Central bus station while that by Megabus departs from Kingsway near the Hilton Hotel.

Popular Providers from Cardiff to London

Virgin Train Tickets

The Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains is revered as one of the most fascinating experience provider in their spacious, cosy trains that only speaks volume of their much care and attention provided towards their passengers.

Thameslink Train Tickets


ThamesLink, now a merged entity with Great Northern offers train services linking people from the north and south of River Thames running through the heart of London.

Transpennine Express Train Tickets

Transpennine Express

320 services daily, serving 83 stations, carrying around 61,000 customers every day in 70 modern air conditioned trains makes TransPennine Express one of the most preferred train providers.

Northern Rail Train Tickets

Northern Rail

Train journey has become an essential part of everyday life as one travels for work, education, leisure, shopping or any other purpose. While working towards reducing travel times.

More About Cardiff to London

First Great Western runs Trains from Cardiff To London as early as 4.00 am, reaching London at around 6.00am. For regular commuters, early trains are preferable so that they can reach their office on time. While regular trains are run between the two cities, the last train leaves Cardiff at 9.30pm. Pick a time that suits you most and travel in one of the most budget-friendly way.

Most Cardiff To London Train service providers offer differential pricing of tickets, So while tickets purchased right at that moment for an immediate train may cost you substantially, an advance booking will cost you much less. Anytime Tickets gives you the freedom to board any train at any time but may cost you a higher price. The best way to travel is to plan early and book in advance that will help you save on your ticket cost. Most train service providers offer a 12 weeks window for getting your tickets. The earlier you buy, the lower you pay.

The service providers of Trains Cardiff To London regularly come up with lucrative offers and deals. It is advisable to keep an eye on these money-saving opportunities and bring down the cost of travel. A few such offers may include group discounts, couple discounts, Off-Peak tickets, Season Tickets, RailCards and much more.

Take it up a tad notch up to travel in First Class in the Train Cardiff to London. While First Class tickets may have a substantial price difference from its standard counterpart, but for a premium and royal experience- you do need to pay some extra. In addition to enjoying some extra legroom space, you also get to be served delicious snacks right on your table as you gaze out into the breath-taking landscape outside.

Plan wisely for your trip –whether for business or pleasure and make this journey in the Train From Cardiff To London a memorable one.


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