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Travelling by train from Hull to Leeds is one of the easiest and environment friendly ways to get in and out of Hull without stress and comfort. Leeds is one of the most accessible cities in UK and visitors from Hull can easily get here by train. Moreover, Leeds is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the North of England and a major centre of culture with full of attractions to keep visitors entertained. Hence, taking a train is another main reason to visit this city for a weekend getaway. With just an hour journey by train from Hull to Leeds, one can even make a day trip to Leeds.

Train Provider From Hull To Leeds Date Fare Duration
rail providers northern rail 06:19 08:00 15 November 2018 £23.30 1 Hr 41 Min
rail providers transpennine express 06:40 07:37 15 November 2018 £23.30 57 Min
rail providers hull trains 06:26 07:52 15 November 2018 £23.30 1 Hr 26 Min
rail providers london north eastern railway 07:00 08:28 15 November 2018 £23.30 1 Hr 28 Min
rail providers transpennine express 07:38 08:38 15 November 2018 £23.30 1 Hr
rail providers northern rail 08:08 09:28 15 November 2018 £23.30 1 Hr 20 Min

Board a Traspennine Express Train from Hull to Leeds and Benefit from Cheap Train Tickets

It takes an average about one hour to travel by train from Hull to Leeds and there are direct Transpennine Express frequent services from Hull to Leeds. On weekends, there are very fewer departures which are only around 13. Trains from Hull to Leeds depart from Kingston upon Hull station and arrives at Leeds station.  Trains from Hull to Leeds runs throughout the day with the first departure in morning at 05:40 and the last Hull Leeds train is around 21:38.  Leeds station is the busiest railway station and an important hub on the British rail network because it provides high speed inter-city services and serves as a major centre for local and regional travel.  

If you are taking Hull to Leeds train make sure you book in advance to enjoy discount train fares. It is much cheaper to book a Hull to Leeds train a day ahead of time rather than purchasing a ticket at the station on the same of the departure. Hence, in order to avoid paying expensive last minute fares, one can always plan their journey well ahead in advance.

Departure To Fare Duration
Bristol Leeds £118.1 3 Hr 55 Min
Hull Leeds £23.3 1 Hr 41 Min
York Leeds £5.5 38 Min
London Leeds £131.5 2 Hr 56 Min
Newcastle Leeds £55.0 1 Hr 29 Min
Brighton Leeds £132.1 4 Hr 3 Min
Aberdeen Leeds £138.5 7 Hr 35 Min
Glasgow Leeds £47.2 4 Hr 38 Min
Oxford Leeds £107.6 3 Hr 56 Min
Birmingham Leeds £62.2 1 Hr 58 Min
Liverpool Leeds £34.7 1 Hr 45 Min
Cardiff Leeds £63.1 4 Hr 45 Min
Leicester Leeds £64.1 2 Hr 36 Min
Nottingham Leeds £47.1 1 Hr 44 Min
Norwich Leeds £95.0 3 Hr 19 Min
Edinburgh Leeds £111.5 4 Hr 31 Min
Manchester Leeds £22.3 1 Hr 11 Min

Book a Cheap Bus Travel to Leeds

The bus travel from Hull to Leeds can work out to be lot cheaper than getting on to the train or flight. National Express coaches, Megabus and X62 service operated by Stagecoach provides regular bus services into the city of Leeds from Hull. Hull to Leeds Bus can be advantageous as an alternative to train travelling or flying as buses offer comfortable journeys, low prices and great connectivity.