Edinburgh to Birmingham Train

May 30, 2019

Edinburgh to Birmingham Train

Birmingham Train Tickets

While there are many reasons to travel such as recreation, tourism, research or trade, you would always want to travel in luxury and ease. The UK is blessed with a strong rail network, and there are a lot of trains from different providers across different locations, offering travelers with a lot of choices. There are multiple trains from Edinburgh to Birmingham offering a comfortable journey, with a picturesque view of beautiful locations. Train Edinburgh to Birmingham takes 4 hours and 32 minutes on an average weekday. You can enjoy the culture of Birmingham famous for Museum and art gallery if you choose to travel by train from Edinburgh to Birmingham. Edinburgh to Birmingham train gives you many offers in terms of affordability and comfort. You just need to compare the prices and book your ticket to Edinburgh Birmingham trainAnother superb option for impulsive travelers is Edinburgh to Birmingham bus. You can travel by road if you are not short of time and are looking for a cheaper mode to travel. You can compare the prices of different buses which offers great deals and book your tickets online.

Popular Providers from Edinburgh to Birmingham

Virgin Train Tickets

The Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains is revered as one of the most fascinating experience provider in their spacious, cosy trains that only speaks volume of their much care and attention provided towards their passengers.

Thameslink Train Tickets


ThamesLink, now a merged entity with Great Northern offers train services linking people from the north and south of River Thames running through the heart of London.

Transpennine Express Train Tickets

Transpennine Express

320 services daily, serving 83 stations, carrying around 61,000 customers every day in 70 modern air conditioned trains makes TransPennine Express one of the most preferred train providers.

Northern Rail Train Tickets

Northern Rail

Train journey has become an essential part of everyday life as one travels for work, education, leisure, shopping or any other purpose. While working towards reducing travel times.


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