Caledonian Sleeper

May 25, 2019

Caledonian Sleeper Tickets, Information, Timetable and Destinations

Caledonian Sleeper Train Tickets

About The Caledonian Sleeper

The Caledonian Sleeper commenced its operations as a world-class provider of incredible train service from March 31st 2015. From adventure-loving tourists to suave business travelers, it has always offered iconic Scottish railway journey and charmed the passengers in every possible way.

The Caledonian Sleeper has two diversions to its routes. The Caledonian Sleeper Highland route acknowledges stations between London Euston and Fort William, Inverness, and Aberdeen. Meanwhile, the Caledonian Sleeper Lowland route operates between London Euston and Glasgow Central or Edinburgh Waverley.

Caledonian Sleeper Top Routes And Stations

Bristol Train Tickets


There are a large number of trains travelling from Edinburgh to Bristol daily. Train from Edinburgh to Bristol takes 6 hours and 44 minutes on average

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Trains from Aberdeen to Leeds, available on a daily basis, are a great option to explore the beauty of the UK. Trains from Aberdeen to Leeds gives you a

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How to get cheap Caledonian Sleeper Tickets

Book in advance

Book the best ticket prices for your journey today in advance. You can book cheap train tickets are available up to 12 weeks in advance & get the best discounts. If you know where you are going to travel then book train tickets in advance to save money. If you’re planning a weekend , a trip to visit friends, or other sporting event, you’ll make great savings if you book cheap Advance tickets.

Travel Off-Peak

Are you travelling after the morning flow hours? Save money on your journey when you buy an Off Peak ticket. Off-Peak train times can vary depending on the time of day, the day of the week and the train company you’re travelling with. If you choose off peak train tickets, you will get the benefits from more seating available during the quieter parts of the day. Learn more about off peak train times.

Price Prediction

Price prediction will help you save money by letting you know when it is the best and cheapest time to book advance train tickets. With price prediction, we are increasing transparency around ticket costs by giving you access to all the information and get the best price for your journey. Price Prediction only works with Advance tickets for your travel.Discover the magic of price prediction.

Season Tickets

Do you commute frequently by train? Then, why not save money with a train season ticket? Season tickets will save your time, hassle free of buying tickets daily and no need to visit a ticket office or use a ticket vending machine every day. There are different types of season tickets for you to choose from and allow unlimited travel in both directions. Check out season ticket today to get started.

Caledonian Sleeper Seating - First Class and Standard

Caledonian Sleeper Train Tickets

Sleeper Seat Class

Enjoy the economical way to travel. These are reclining seats in a 2 + 1 arrangement, which are similar in layout to first class seat. Sleeper seat class are little comfortable and won’t be able to lie flat.There is a counter-service, but the lounge / dining car is off limits to sleeper seat passengers.

First Class Sleeper Room

First Class Sleeper room offers you a whole cabin to yourself.This is basically exactly the same cabin as the standard sleeper room, but the top bunk is folded away, so you have the place to yourself.All the amenities included in the standard sleeper room, you also get a lovely toiletry kit, access to the first class lounges at departure and arrival stations, as well as a free hot or continental breakfast, which you can enjoy either in your room or in the lounge car.

Standard Sleeper Room Seat Class

If you are travelling with a friend, couple or family, standard sleeper is a good option to lie a flat bed.The sleeper rooms accommodate two people, with two bunks on the walls and one above the other. You also get a sleep kit with eyemask and ear plugs.You are also able to access the lounge car,  drinks and meal services.

More About Caledonian Sleeper

The operator leaves no stone unturned to offer immense comfort, great on-board facilities and a friendly and enjoyable experience to its travelers while they embark on a journey to some of the UK’s most wonderful destinations. Some of the popular routes for which you can avail Caledonian Sleeper tickets are-

  • Trains to Edinburgh
  • Trains to Glasgow
  • Trains to Aberdeen
  • Trains to Inverness
  • Trains to Fort William
  • Trains to London

You can choose to buy tickets from the operator’s online portal – – which is very informative and easy-to-use platform. Being chosen by the Scottish Government as the new operator from April 2015, Caledonian Sleeper revamped the image of a ‘sleeper’ to ultra-modern service with its great hospitality and zeal. You can view and download Caledonian Sleeper timetables and plan your travel very conveniently with them.

The Caledonian Sleeper times for its trains’ arrivals and departures are updated on real time basis. The passengers are sent instant alerts and notifications if there is any change or modifications regarding the routes or the trains. They also allow quite-well-in advance bookings for their trains; the recent one being that you can book 12 months in advance for certain routes! Cheap train tickets are always a delight to travelers and you can avail them too by investing in smartcards or booking in advance with Caledonian Sleeper.

As soon as you book your travel, the Caledonian Sleeper Train Timetable pertaining to your journey is sent to you so that you don’t miss out on your train or station at all. Once you have decided to travel with Caledonian Sleeper, you can be rest assured of the hospitality and services, some of them pertaining to-

  • Accommodation Types
  • Lounge Car
  • Food and Drink
  • Pets & Bicycles
  • Older and Disabled Travellers
  • Environmental Action Plan

With this spectrum of services and facilities, you can trust the operator for all the aspects of your overnight journey and just enjoy your experience with them.

Caledonian Sleeper is driven to offer best of the rail services to its passengers. The operator is expected to grow from strength to strength when it seeks new investment of over £100million in 2018 for building new and ultra-equipped 75 carriages. Along with this new investment, Caledonian Sleeper is also working on refurbishment of its entire work process- including sales, guest services and station facilities. With these new developments, the guests will be able enjoy some of the amazing on-board facilities, including-

  • En-suite rooms for the First-Class guests
  • Improved Standard Class rooms
  • Cradle seats for Standard Class guests
  • Luxurious new Brasserie Club Car
  • Films and TV available via free WiFi

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