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Vacationing in the UK means travelling across cities, each having its own history and culture. Our journey planner tool helps you find all the available trains from London To Manchester, with multiple options for train tickets from London To Manchester. London To Manchester is a very busy route - so you need to plan smart, and in advance.

Manchester city, one of the largest cities in Britain known for its urbanity while retaining its old charm. Primarily, an industrial hub, Manchester has been witness to significant developments making it one of the most popular cities. Sprawling over 115km, Manchester offers you great places to shop, dine in addition to a host of other places to visit including museums, theatres, and much more. From art museums to history museum, football museums to police museum; unearth the rich culture that underlies this marvelous city of Manchester.

If you are travelling by London To Manchester Train, get to know the train times of the various train service providers by downloading their timetables. Each of these timetables are updated on a regular basis to incorporate any sudden or known disruptions caused by engineering and repairing work or other unforeseen events. Why not create your own personal timetable rather than taking the pain to search through the relevant trains. This will not only ease the process of checking the timings of your train but also to stay updated on real time basis.

The Journey to Happy Oblivion

If we have been successful enough to excite you about the amazing city of Manchester, we suggest hop onto the next train leaving from London. Trains From London To Manchester are operated regularly at very convenient times by a host of service providers. Each offering comfortable spacious coaches coupled with excellent On-Board services and a choice of delectable spread that will only add to the excitement of visiting a great city.

For that incredulous train journey, choose from the well acclaimed train service providers, including TransPennine Express, CrossCountry, Northern Rail, and Virgin Trains. Covering a distance of over 250 km between Manchester and London, Trains from London To Manchester are the best way to travel. Gaze out through the large windows out in the meadows covered with green grass and occasional flowers that makes you wonder about the stunning creations by nature. Enjoy conversations with your loved ones or your co-passengers as you travel your way through multiple cities in a rhythmic pace.

Train Provider From London To Manchester Date Fare Duration
rail providers virgin trains 07:15 09:45 15 November 2018 £148.00 2 Hr 30 Min
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rail providers virgin trains 07:00 09:27 15 November 2018 £148.00 2 Hr 27 Min
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Stations That are Well Connected Helping You to Catch a Train in Time

Manchester has 4 key stations that are all strategically located to offer a complete end to end solution to each of the passengers alighting or boarding from these stations. This enhances the train journey experience enabling you to look forward to a hassle free journey from one door step to another. Whether you prefer Oxford Road, Deansgate, Victoria or the much busy- Piccadilly, the train service providers has many options to choose from when opting for a Train From London To Manchester. While some trains may take you directly to your destination, there may be a few trains that might require you to change midway, due to lack of a direct train service. If you are in for a comforting, enjoyable experience, we suggest to take one of the London To Manchester Train that touchbases other popular cities of Britain; such as the TransPennine Express, CrossCountry or Arriva Trains.

Train London To Manchester starts way early in the morning at 6.00 am and operates every 3 hours till 10.00pm. Whether you are a regular commuter or a leisure commuter, pick a time that best suits your needs. If the crowded trains bother you, suggest to opt for the Off-Peak and Super Off-peak train times that assure you significant save on your costs as well avoid people pushing you from all sides with the constant bickering of finding a seat.

Don’t Miss Out on the Incredible Offers to Save on Your Costs

London To Manchester Train sees more than 28 million passengers travelling annually between the two cities. Which is why each train service provider has a list of incredible offers, updated on a regular basis, targeted towards assisting you in saving your travel costs. Why spend more when you can save on your travel cost to spend it on a memento from Manchester.

We suggest you to book your tickets early for your London Manchester Train. Advance tickets are available as early as 12 weeks in advance from the date of your departure. In case you are not sure about your date of travel, avail the Best Fare Finder tool to help you identify the dates that offers you least ticket cost.

If you are travelling in a group in Trains London To Manchester, don’t forget to avail the Group Ticket discount. You’ll be amazed at the significant savings that you can make when you avail the Group Ticket discount.

Other ways to save on your tickets of Train From London To Manchester includes going for RailCards, TravelCards, Seasonal Tickets or Off-Peak Tickets. While each have their own set of benefits, read them well, understand them deeply and pick the one that will help you to get your tickets cost at the least price.

Departure To Fare Duration
London Manchester £148.0 2 Hr 27 Min
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Nottingham Manchester £43.9 2 Hr 25 Min
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Leeds Manchester £7.0 1 Hr 26 Min
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Glasgow Manchester £16.0 3 Hr 15 Min
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Edinburgh Manchester £74.2 3 Hr 13 Min
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Liverpool Manchester £5.0 53 Min
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Leicester Manchester £66.9 2 Hr 41 Min
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Cardiff Manchester £74.6 3 Hr 23 Min
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Birmingham Manchester £43.9 1 Hr 29 Min
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Hull Manchester £46.0 2 Hr 32 Min
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Newcastle Manchester £70.8 2 Hr 20 Min
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York Manchester £30.3 1 Hr 14 Min
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Catch All the City Fun in a Bus Travel

If you are more of a city lover and prefer the humdrum and sounds of the everyday life of city people, suggest you hop onto a London To Manchester bus. Available from prominent Manchester bus stations, pass through the roads, the lanes and by-lanes of cities in air conditioned, spacious and extremely comfortable seats, be driven around by expert drivers for whom safety and comfort of passengers are on first priority to reach to your destination in London.

A lot of private players are present in this space, each offering their best services to make your travel convenient, hassle free and extremely comfortable. Choose on the basis of players or timings by referring to the most updated timetable. Megabus UK, Eurolines UK, National Express Coaches, Arriva Bus, Megabus Gold, Oxford Tube, Stagecoach, Citylink re few of the many prominent bus service providers offering London To Manchester bus services.