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Travelling across cities in the UK is convenient, if well planned. You can choose to book Southern Railway Tickets, depending on your origin and destination. Go through with Southern Railway Timetables, and avail the best Tickets by using our journey planner tool.

About Southern

A train service provider who is committed to keep improving passenger services including modernizing railway, improving reliability and capability, convenient Southern Times, upgradation of services both on board and at the stations and usage of technology for overall improvement is what has Southern made a dependable and trustworthy provider.

Southern also offers highly detailed and informative Southern Timetables for passengers to stay updated at all times of all train times. In case of any disruptions caused by unforeseen circumstances or engineering work, passengers can refer to the timetable and plan their schedule accordingly.


Wide Range of Ticket Types - Pick The One That Suits You Best

Whether you have planned in advance or a spur of the moment decision, a regular commuter or a leisure traveller- with Southern Tickets, you can simply take it easy and the train service providers has options wide and large to cater to all these type of situations.

Advance Ticket: Wonderful, if you’ve been able to book in advance. As an appreciation token, Southern offers out great discounts on your Advance ticket. Book up to 12 weeks in advance and enjoy the discount.

Anytime Tickets: More of a spur of the moment travellers- no problem. Book an Anytime Ticket which gives you the flexibility to travel to any destination at any Southern Times.

Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak Tickets: Why be pushed around in a crowded train when you can simply opt for the Off Peak or the Super Off –Peak Tickets and travel in the wide open space of the coaches. To top it all, these tickets are way too less priced than the regular ones.

Seasonal Tickets: If you are a regular commuter, then save on the time you spent on the queue and cost on independent tickets by opting for the Seasonal Tickets. Weekly, Monthly or Annual- take your pick and save on your time and cost.

Group Tickets: If you are travelling in a group, then don’t forget to avail the Group discount on your Southern Tickets. Not only do you save on ticket costs but also your time in booking individual tickets. Travel together in a group and make the most of this awesome trip.

RailCards: Another beneficial way to travel is to opt for RailCards. Available for different type of purposes, check out the options and pick the ne that best serves your interest.

Don’t Ever Miss Your Train with Southern Timetables

With so many Southern trains operated across the country, keeping track seems difficult. To curb this very issue, Southern has come up with the Southern Train Timetable that incorporates all relevant data about the trains and its times.

How about creating your personal timetable? Pick the trains of your choice and build your timetable and stay abreast of all changes that might occur in the train times by virtue of sudden or known disturbances.

It’s all about offering the best services to passengers- whether it’s by improving current services, creating innovative offers to help save costs or help track train times with regularly updated Southern Train Timetable- when it’s comes to Southern, you know it’s the best.

Provider Journey Fare Departure On Departure At
rail providers southern Portsmouth to London £32.40 15 November 2018 06:01
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rail providers southern Kings to Southampton £45.60 15 November 2018 06:10
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