Hungary is in the heart of Europe and is bordered on all sides by different other countries such as Ukraine and Romania as well as Croatia. The official language of this country is Hungarian, and the capital is Budapest. Hungary was a significant country and was a major power in the Second World War but then it had to lose some portion according t the Treaty of Trianon. Referring back to the history of Hungary there was a medieval Hungary, which was between the years of 895 till the year of 1526. The Arpadian Kings then ruled the country. The Hungary is famous for the Ottoman wars, which were between the years of 1526-1699.

The Hungary had an era of communists between the years of 1947 till the year of 1989, and then the communist era was replaced by Kadar Era, which ruled the country in the years of 1956 till the year of 1988. And this era was because Janos Kadar was the ruler of Hungary at this time. Then, the Hungary became a republic country from the year of 1989 and it is still a republic country till present. The president of Hungary is chosen for a term of every five years and then re-election for the post of president is done by the members of the National Assembly. The president has the power of electing a Prime minister for the country as well as he is the chief commander of the armed forces in the country. The country is divided in to 19 different regions called as counties.

Hungary boasts of an excellently planned and developed transport system of air, road, water as well as the railways. The railways connect the different counties inside the Hungary as well as the neighbouring countries. There are three railway stations in the capital city. There is even underground metro system as well as the tram services around the counties inside the country. Highly designed airports are also present, and there are around five international airports. In fact, there are motorways also which helps in connecting the major economic cities.

There is a national carrier of airline called as Malev Hungarian Airlines, which connects the country to 60 other European countries. There are railway stations at different counties as well as the 1314km long motorways as well.

The capital city of Hungary is the major tourist destination in the country. Some of the tourist spots are the Buda Castle and the Hungarian National Gallery as well as the City Park. The Mattias church is also a famous spot for the tourists. Many opera houses are also present in the city as well as thermal springs. There are around 1300 thermal springs in the country of Hungary which is hardly found anywhere in the world. Some of the other famous spots of tourism in the country are the Lake Balaton, the Hungarian Parliament building as well as the national bank. The chain bridge, the National theatre and the Fisherman’s Bastion are also some of the major tourist spots in the country. The Citadella, the Budapest zoo, and the botanical gardens are some of the spots worth visiting in the Hungary.

There are international airports in Hungary and thus one can reach the country by the help of international flights. There are five international airports in the country, but none of them are used. There are railway stations as well at different cities, and there are numerous trains in order to reach the country with ease. Daily trains ply on the tracks from many neighbouring countries. There are motorways also in the country, which enables one to travel in the car, but provided there are documents as the security by road travel is very strict. By the help of private transfer, also one can enjoy the travelling to Hungary.