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Travelling across cities in the UK is convenient, if well planned. You can choose to book Stansted Express Tickets, depending on your origin and destination. Go through with Stansted Express Timetables, and avail the best Tickets by using our journey planner tool.

About Stansted Express

A convenient, inexpensive, relaxed and comfortable journey is what Stansted Express assures you every time you aboard one of their many trains. Running between Stansted Airport and Tottenham Hale/ London Liverpool/ Stratford, Stansted offers amazing speed and reliability helping you reach your destination in maximum 47 minutes. With a train leaving every 15 minutes, accessing central London seems a piece of cake.

Run at convenient Stansted Times, it is the fastest way to reach Central London which is connected to other parts of the city via the London Underground or buses. Offering free Wi-Fi unlimited luggage allowance, plug sockets, spacious, modern air conditioned trains, FastTrack Airport Security Pass included with First Class tickets & offers, travelling in a Stansted Express is nothing less than luxury.

Stansted Express
Stansted Express

Wide Array of Ticket Services to Keep a Tab on The Ticket Cost

Stansted Express is constantly towards offering as well as improving upon its services. While the train service provider refuses to charge booking fees, it also offers additional flexibility in its booked tickets including: fully flexible ticket to be able to travel on any train on the date of travel booked, return tickets with a validity of one month, updated and highly detailed Stansted Express Timetables.

Additionally, there are a plethora of Stansted Express Tickets types to cater to the different types of passengers to help save on their ticket costs. While fares primarily depend on the distance travelled and the time of booking and the date of journey, one can stull save some costs by availing these amazing money saving opportunities:

  • Advance Ticket Fares: Book in advance and see the difference between the fares. You’ll be amazed at the significant savings that you can make only if you simply plan in early and book the tickets earlier than your travel date.
  • Duo: Travel together with your partner and opt for a Web Duo ticket. While you save time on buying individual tickets, you also get to save your money on the two different tickets when you book online.
  • Group Travel: Save up to a whopping 50% of your Stansted Express Tickets cost when you avail the Group Travel offers. Other than being a time consuming affair of booking multiple tickets, it also costs much. But with the Group Travel offer, but all tickets at one go and save money.
  • Standard/ Business/First Class: Stansted Express offers three different types of travel. While Standard is most preferred where the journey is only to reach or come from the airport, the other two types of travel are primarily for Business travellers who enjoy less crowd, soothing interiors and hassle free rides. First Class offers additional benefits such as spacious legroom, First Class Airport Security access, and more. Take your pick as per your requirements and travel hassle free.
  • Seasonal Tickets: if you are a regular commuter, then we suggest to opt for the Seasonal Tickets. Weekly, monthly or annually, these tickets not only save you from standing in the queue for long hours but also in your travel cost. Checkout the Stansted Express Times that suit you the most considering your schedule and travel hassle free in a super-fast Stansted Express.

Stansted Express Train Timetable- The Best Way to Track Your Train

There may be instances when due to certain disruptions train times may be affected. In order to stay abreast of all updated train times, we suggest to download the highly detailed and regularly updated Stansted Express Train Timetable.