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Heathrow Express

Heathrow Express is yet another excellent transport service in the UK which caters to the needs of the passengers to and from the London Paddington station and London Heathrow Airport. This is basically an airport commuter service specialized for the traffic to and from the airport. The first time visitors find it extremely convenient to travel by the Heathrow Express. You can get information about train times and services at National Rail UK.

As far as the timing of the Heathrow Express from London Paddington to the Terminals 1 and 3 of the Heathrow Airport is concerned, the very first train leaves the station at 5:10am and reaches the airport in around 15 minutes. The short and fast journey makes it a comfortable route for the passengers throughout the week. The last train calls at the terminals at 11:25pm. The journey from the station to the terminal 4 of the Heathrow airport, the travelling time increases to 27 minutes and for the terminal 5, it becomes 21 minutes.

The first train from the terminal 1 and 3 of Heathrow airport leaves for London Paddington at 5:12am followed by the two at 5:33am and 5:48am. The average journey time is 15 minutes. The last train reaches back at the airport at 11:48pm. For Weekends, the timings vary as the first train leaves the terminal at 5:08am and the two other trains leave at 5:23am and 5:38am. The time taken on the way is 15 minutes making the frequency quiet feasible for the passengers. The last train reaches back on the London Paddington station at 11:53pm.

If you are taking the train from the terminal 4 of the Heathrow Airport on any week day, you need to catch the first train at 5:23am with an average travelling time of 23 minutes to reach the destination. The service continues till 11:41pm. If it is a Sunday, the first train is expected to depart from the terminal at 5:23am. However, you will have to change from the terminal 1 and 3 in order to connect to the Heathrow Express to reach London Paddington.

The timings of first 3 trains departing the terminal 5 of the Heathrow airport during the week are 5:07am, 5:27am and 5:42am with a frequency of 15 minutes between any two trains. However, on Sundays, the schedule is a bit different. The first slot of departures and arrivals is 5:03am till 8:48am with an average of 21 minutes travelling time; the second is from 9:00am and 9:27pm while the third one is from 9:48 till 11:48pm.

Ticket Fares:

The average fare of the Heathrow Express for an adult passenger varies from £20 and £279 depending upon the type of ticket purchased. There are 3 types of tickets; the single ticket, the return ticket and the Carnet ticket. The Children are charged a much lower rate of fare ranging from as low as £10 to the highest as £26. You may choose between the ticket classes according to your preference. The easiest way is to call in our contact centre and have complete information about the options. You can even book your ticket online which is much easier due to the tough and busy routine of the day. You will get to know all the desired information about the schedule and the fares of the trains departing and reaching Heathrow Airport will be available to you on the mere click of your fingertip.

The Heathrow Express is one of its own kind of the transport service as it provides you absolutely world class facilities and hence is popular among the public as well as the travellers from other areas of the world coming to London.

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