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The most difficult situation while travelling abroad is when you do not know where to head once you reach the airport. It is mostly a daunting task to find your way especially when you are new to the particular city. This issue is being resolved by many transportation companies around the globe by offering the commuting services to the new comers. One of the perfect examples is that of the Gatwick Express. This is the open access transport service offered to the new arrivals at the Gatwick airport. Yes! If you land at the airport for the first time and want to go to the London Victoria, this is the easiest way to go about it. This would also help you on your return to the airport as the route is aimed at providing maximum convenience to the passengers.

From Gatwick airport to London, the first train leaves at 4:35am Mondays through Saturdays and the last train of the day arrives back at 12:50am. During the day, the trains run at the frequency of 15 minutes making it the fastest train service on the route. Similarly, from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport, the timing of the trains is 3:30am to 12:01am throughout the week except on Sunday.

Ticket Types for Gatwick Express:

First Class: Coming up to the expectations of its name, the ticket lets you aboard with the quality services while travelling. The seats are comfortable with adjustable back to ensure maximum comfort and convenience to the passengers. You are provided with tables also on which you can easily work on your way. Under some terms and conditions, the passengers are also served meals right at their seats making it a luxurious journey. In addition, if you want to enjoy some drinks, you may have the complimentary tea, water or coffee, whatever you feel like having. All these facilities are offered at a very reasonable fare of £27.50. You can search for best fares at Trainline UK for Gatwick Express.

Group Ticket:

If you are planning to travel with your group of friends, you are advised to get your hand on the group ticket on the Gatwick Express which saves you extra money. The group of 3 to 4 can easily travel at the cost of a couple of passengers. This is termed as the Group Single and costs you £39.80 only.

A Group Return lets 3 or 4 people travel within the given time period of a month at the cost of £69.80 which means that it also costs you a ticket for 2 people only. The First Class Group single is an opportunity for a group of 3 or 4 people to travel at the cost of 2 passengers costing them a total of £58.00 only. If you are not sure about the time and date of your travel and return, it is advised to get First Class Group Return ticket. This is an economical type of ticket letting 3 or 4 people group travel in the cost of 2. The validity of the ticket is for a month and costs you £112.0. For a group of 5 passengers, taking the Group single 3 people can travel in just £59.70 while if you take the Group return when you are not sure about the time of your return, the cost would be £104.70.

Their staff members are always there to help you if you are confused as to which ticket should you choose. They will advise you on a mere phone call considering all your requirements. Alternatively, a much cost efficient and effective way of communication is in the form of online booking. You are suggested to book your train tickets for Gatwick Express in advance through internet.

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