United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The Great Britain and the Northern Ireland together are called the United Kingdom or simply Britain. The United Kingdom is completely surrounded by water. To its west is the Atlantic Ocean, to the north is the North Sea, in the south is the English Channel and to its west is the Irish Sea. The capital of UK is London. The four countries, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland together form the UK. The British empire once ruled a quarter of the globe and many historical remnants are present in Britain. The British has left a great impact on the language and culture of their former colonies.

The United Kingdom is a single state that follows constitutional monarchy. The Queen is the supreme head. It is one of the few countries in the world that does not have a written constitution. It follows constitutional conventions and laws made on the judgement. The United Kingdom does have a Parliament, which holds the right to pass laws, make, and amend acts. The Parliament has two houses, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. All bills and laws made by the Parliament have to be approved by the Queen.

There is no shortage of tourist places in UK. There are various tour agencies that will guide you through all the points of interest present in UK. You can start your tour by visiting the Hadrian’s Wall. It was built by the Romans to protect them from a Scottish invasion. It is more than 100 kilometres in length and took more than six years to complete its construction. The Warwick Castle is one of the best preserved military buildings belonging to the 14th century. The Lake District is the largest National Park in UK. It has small mountains and lakes and small quantity of wild life. It is an ideal picnic spot as well as a good site for hiking and climbing. The Tower of London used to be a prison that once used to hold thousands of prisoners. Today it is a historical site for tourists. The Big Ben clock is the top tourist attraction along with the Stonehenge.

The United Kingdom is one of the most developed countries in the world. It has all the modern day transport facilities. It has a good network of roads and railways. The railroads are controlled by the N.I Railways. Recently the UK government has made efforts to include high speed trains in their routes. The UK airports are one of the busiest airports in the World. All the UK airports together handle more than 200 million passengers ever year.

The best choice to travel around UK will be via a public transport or a car. The fuel prices are relatively less in UK but it is better to take the public transport because all the major cities have a traffic jam problem. The long distance buses in England are called as coaches. There are coach stations in the every major city of UK. If you book your ticket in advance, you will have to pay a lesser amount than the price you would pay for an instant ticket. If you decide to take a car then you can find several car rental services in big cities of UK. You need to have a driver’s license and need to be at least 20 years in age. For long distant travel, the trains would be a better and cheaper choice. The Britain’s air services are provided by the British airways, BMI, Easy Jet and Ryan-air. Travelling the main land via air can prove to be expensive.  The main airports include the London Stansted airport, the Gatwick airport and the London Heathrow airport.