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Switzerland is situated in Western Europe near the Alps. It is a landlocked country and contains some of the most important economic centres of the world. Several important government organisations like UN and the Red Cross have their headquarters in Switzerland. Switzerland is a peace loving nation and has not been associated in any type of war since the year 1815. It takes active interests in developing peace process around the globe. Recent survey indicates that Switzerland earns the highest revenue per capital per year, making it one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Switzerland accepted the Federal Constitution in the year 1848, which makes it the oldest constitution that is still being followed. A few amendments were made to it in 1999. There are three government bodies, the Parliament, the Federal Council and the Federal Court who handle the legislative, the executive and the judicial responsibilities respectively. The members of the Parliament consist of 246 people’s representatives who are elected for a period of four years. Switzerland follows direct democracy, which means that the people have the right to change a law passed by the government. The President of the Switzerland confederation is elected by the members of the assembly.

Switzerland is one of the best places to spend your vacation. It has all the main tourist attractions like mountain resorts, forests, museums, lakes, castles and famous architectural structures. The Jungfrau mountain resort has a spectacular view of the Alpine mountains. There are green valleys and meadows, you can go on hiking or just enjoy the fresh air. The town of Monteux located in the heart of Switzerland contains some historical architecture. The Chill-on Castel is the main point of interest here. Apart from these, there is the Lake Geneva. You can go on fishing or scuba diving or just take a stroll along the lake. The Swiss National Park is a must visit place. It is one of the biggest national parks in the world and is home to a variety of wild animals. The Rhine falls near the town of Schaffhausen is the largest waterfall in Europe. The fact that Switzerland has a very low crime rate also makes it a favourable tourist spot.

Since Switzerland is located in central Europe, it has some of the most important rail and land routes. Most of these routes cut through the Alp mountains. The Zurich and the Geneva airports are biggest international airports of Switzerland, handling more than 20 million people every year. Switzerland has a very efficient transportation system. There are several large lakes in Switzerland, and you will find many steam operated boat services present here. If you have the Swiss boat pass then you will be given a 50% discount on all boat charges. Buses are available in addition to the rail network to help you reach any town or city in Switzerland. The buses are more helpful in reaching the more inaccessible mountainous places where the trains cannot reach. You will have to book the bus or train tickets in advance. All the ticketing service is handled by the same system, so you can change lines on your purchased ticket. There are ticket counters present on every bus and train stops. Passengers if caught without a ticket are heavily fined. People prefer the public transport to rental cars, because they do not want to miss the magnificent sceneries of Switzerland. Also, the rental services are expensive as they are taxed more by the government. The car emissions are harmful for the Alpine environment. You will find direct flight route from any major international city to Zurich airport. Since Zurich is an important economic centre, several flight routes connect Zurich to other parts of the world.

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