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A country in the Northern Europe and among the three Baltic states, the largest is the country of Lithuania. Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Kaliningrad Oblast border it from the four sides. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius and the country boasts of a population of around 3 million. The climate in this country is somewhat in between the maritime climate and the continental climate. The official language is the Lithuanian and is spoken by the maximum people living in the country. It has an area of an estimate around 65200 square km. The religion in the country is Christianity and Roman Catholic Church is worshipped. But the Jewish community was also present in Lithuania.

Lithuania was given the independence status after the First World War in the year of 1918but then in the year of 1940 Lithuania was granted the status of Soviet Union. In the date of 11th March 1991, Lithuania was the first country among the Soviet Union to be given the independence status. There was a new constitution formed in the year of 1992. There is a semi presidential system in the country of Lithuania. The president is the head of the state who is nominated for a five year term and the president has the functions of handling the foreign affairs as well as the national security. The president is also responsible for the election of the prime minister of the country and is the head commander in chief of the Lithuanian army.

The country is also known for the beautiful tourist destinations and is considered as the hub of the tourists. The National park of Lithuania is a very popular tourist spot and consists of many lakes, hills and forests. The Curonian Spit is another destination where there are sand dunes and beaches with white sand. An archaeological site called as the Kernave is a beautiful place for the tourists to visit. It has also a famous pilgrimage site called as the Zemaicu Kalvarija and tourists visit this place only during a certain time to enjoy the church festival. Some of the other tourist destinations in the country are the Hill of Crosses, the Snow Arena, the Gate of dawn, the Vilnius cathedral. The national museum of Lithuania is worth a visit for all the tourists as well as the Kaunas cathedral basilica and the Ninth fort. Some of the other significant tourist spots in the Lithuania are the Museum of Genocide Victims and the All Saints Church Vilnius as well as the Tadas Ivanauskas Zoological museum.

The transportation at Lithuania is well established, and many airports are present in the country. The most important airport in Lithuania is the Vilnius international airport where most of the flights from outside countries land and arrive. There are other airports as well where other domestic as well as international flights arrive and depart. Another good option of a transportation mode is by train, and there are train services from the Lithuania to other countries and within the country. Litrail is a train service in the country, which has different kinds of services to different countries as well as the tourist destinations as well during the weekends, thus train services can be adopted while being at Lithuania. One can also choose car services for transportation as the roadways are specially built for a smooth travel on road by cars. The road called as Via Baltica joins the different cities thus enabling the road communication through cars and buses. Some of the buses, which ply in the country as well as outside the country, are the Busturas, Ecolines, Eurolines and the Kautra.  There are several ferry services also, and one can choose the boat services for transportation from and to the country from other countries.

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