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Iceland – Iceland Travel destinations and places to see in Iceland
  • Iceland


Iceland is an island country and is referred to as Iceland, but it is officially called as the republic of Iceland. The capital city if Iceland is Reykjavik. Iceland is situated between the North Atlantic and the Arctic oceans and is spread over an area of 103,000 square km. the capital city is also the largest city in the country. The climate of Iceland is temperate. The Iceland became a republic country in the year of 1944, and it carries the status of republican till the present. Iceland is the seventh country in the world on the basis of production. Icelandic is the official language of Iceland. It is also a secular country, and the people of this country are atheists.

Iceland is famous for the political background because it is the only country, which has a political party that is formed by women, and it is led by women completely. It is a multi-party system country where the major political parties are the centre right Independence Party and the centrist Progressive Party. There are other major political parties in the country as well. The women party is called as the Women’s Alliance, and it helps in the needs of the women. This women party was formed in the year of 1983. It is a republic country and basically a parliamentary republic country. The president of Iceland is selected for a period of four years and not five years and is the diplomat of the country with all the veto powers. However, the prime minster is the head of the government and not the president. In fact, Iceland is famous to have a gay prime minster who was elected in the year of 2009.

Iceland serves one of the major tourist destinations. There are many national parks in Iceland that is worth a view. The Pingvellir National Park, which has been granted by the UNESCO as a world heritage site, is one of the spots of tourism in the country. The other national parks in the Iceland are the Vatnajokull National Park and Snaedellsjokull National Park. There are other attractions in the country such as the Blue Lagoon that is called as the best tourist destination in Iceland. There is a lake called as the Myvatn which is famous for the view of volcanoes. There is a beautiful waterfall in Iceland that is called as the Gullfoss which is called as The Golden falls. There is a geothermal hot spot in Iceland which is also a major site for tourists and is called as the Geysir. Islands are common in the country, but the most beautiful Iceland which is a hub for the tourists is called as the Jokulsarlon that is absolutely breathtaking.

Car is the major mode of transport in Iceland. There are numerous roadways in the Iceland with different speed limits as well. One of the famous roads is the Ring Road which connects almost every corner of the country by road. But when international transport is concerned then Airlines is the most effective. There is an international airport in the country called as the Keflavik International Airport. There are some international flights that are run on a daily basis from different countries to Iceland. Some of the flights are the WOW Air, the delta Airlines and many other. The EasyJet is a carrier which connects Iceland to other European countries. One also has the choice of visiting Iceland by car and numerous ferries agencies make the road travel safe and easier as well. There is also boat transport in Iceland and Smyril Line is a boat which is famous in the country for travelling purposes.

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