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Greece is an important country in the Southeast Europe. The capital city of Greece is Athens. The Greece is divided in to eleven geographical regions. It has the distinction of the famous mountains, and about 80% of the country is mountains. The official language of the country is Greek. The country has a high economy and is a member and a founding member of the United Nations. Referring to the history of the country, the Hellenistic and the Romans ruled the country during the period of 323BC till the 4th Century AD. Then after began the medieval period of the country and it continued till the year of 1453. Then the ottoman period started from the 5th century till the year of 1821. The independence war of the country began in the year of 1821 till the year of 1832.

Greece is a republican country and the President is the Head of the country who is nominated for a period of 5 years by the Parliament members. But the President does not have all the powers and the Prime minister has more political powers rather than the president. However the Prime minister is appointed by the president of Greece. There are many political parties in the country, and the two party systems have been in dominance. One party is known as the New Democracy, and the other is called as the Panhellenic Socialist Movement. There are other political parties also which play important roles in the political background of the country.

Greece is one of the major tourist destinations of the world and tourism is a part and parcel of their economy. The best destination is the Central Macedonia in the country, which records the maximum tourists. Then another spot is known as Attica, which is known to be the second best tourist spot in the country. The Peloponnese is a major destination for the tourists in the country. There is an island in the country known as Santorini, which is a major stop for the lookers. It was voted as the World’s Best Island and another island, which is close to Santorini, is called as Mykonos, which also serves a tourist stop. The Panorama of Santorini is worth a place to visit when someone is at the Greece. The Bridge called as the Rio-Antirio Bridge is also a viewing place in the country where tourism is a major economy.

Greece is known for its beautiful road and the railway networks rather than the Airlines. There are motorways that connect different regions of Greece. One such motorway is A2 motorway, which connects the Northwestern Greece with the Northeastern Greece. There is a cable bridge, which connects Rio and Peloponnese, and this bridge is known to be the longest cable bridge in Europe. Ongoing projects on motorways are carving new methods to make new motorways. There is airlines transport system as well in the Greece where people can visit Greece from other countries by national and international carriers. There is an international airport in the capital city, which serves both domestic and international carriers for the people. The Metro system in Athens also connects different parts of the country as well as the roadways provide an efficient transport system. However, railways do not play that significant mode of transport in Greece. However, when someone is travelling to Greece, then there are international trains that connect Greece and its cities to different parts of the world. There are intercity railway connections as well, but double networks are yet under construction. Thus one should prefer the Airlines and the motorways as they are fully developed to serve the transportation purpose.

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