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Situated at the centre of Western Europe, Germany is one of the most populous countries in the whole of Europe. The capital of Germany is Berlin, which is one of the biggest cities. Germany has sixteen states and has a seasonal climate that is temperate. Germany is considered one of the strongest countries in the field of economics and politics and considered as a leader in a lot of theoretical and many technical fields as well. Germany, which is also known as the German Republic, is a place of natural beauty that can charm any person by its aura.

Germany is a republic country that is democratic in nature. The constitution of Germany lays the framework for the political system and accordingly the parliament and the politicians do their work in a systematic and organized manner. The President of Germany is appointed or elected by the federal convention, which is also known as Bundesversammlung. This is an institution which includes some appointed members of Bundestag and some delegates of the state that are in equal number with the appointed members of the Bundestag. Below the president of Germany, the next official is the Bundestag President who supervises the daily meetings of the official body. Next official who is just below the Bundestag President is the Chancellor who is recognized as the head of the total Government and manages all the officials of the Government.

Sometimes the foreigners misunderstand that Germany is not a place where tourists can go, but they are wrong because since Germany has been reunified, it has created a better profile as a tourist destination place. One of the most famous locations being Berlin is a fantastic tourist destination place with beautiful sceneries and monuments. Some of the sightseeing locations and places include Neuschwanstein, which is like a castle, or fort that you have once read in your books. Many people when look at this castle have their mouths open and remain awestruck. This castle is a beauty of its kind, which you could hardly find anywhere else. The next piece of attraction is the gate of Brandenburg, which is one of the oldest gates in Berlin and signifies the unification of the West and East part of Berlin. Another most popular attraction is the place of Heidelberg which is very much popular for its nice houses and the castle of Heidelberg which is a worth seeing one.

Being one of the densely populated country of Europe, Germany has a modern and a mesh like transport infrastructure. Among the various waterways of Germany, the most popular and distinct one is the Rhine River. The biggest and one of the famous ports in the whole of Germany is the port of Hamburg, which helps in the transportation of people from one place to the other smoothly and easily. If you want to transport by air, then the Airport in Frankfurt has all the facilities and provides a lot of benefits to its passengers and is considered as the most important airport that is internationally recognized. It is also called as the hub of all the transportation system in Europe. Travelling by means of air is very much cool and calm and has a lot of benefits if you are travelling long distances. There is only one competition for the air transport in Germany, and that is the rail network, which is owned by Deutsche Bahn. There are also many high-speed trains, which are named as ICE. These help the passengers to reach their destination very quickly within a stipulated time making the public transport system very quick.

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