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France, which is officially known as the Republic of French, is one of the biggest countries in Europe and is said to be the hub of economic zone in the whole world. This is one of the most beautiful countries one can find in the Western Europe. Situated along the coastlines of both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, it possesses maximum power in every field. France has a powerful influence in respect to cultural, political, or economical field throughout the world. The economy possessed by France is by far the largest throughout the Western Europe and it is considered to be one of the wealthiest countries in the whole of Europe.

The Republic of French is a democratic nation that has powerful traditions related to the election of the Prime Minister and the President. The head of the nation is the President of the country that leads the country in the right path, and he is appointed directly by the method of adult suffrage that is universal. The Prime Minister of the nation is appointed by the President who leads the Government of the country by making the right decisions. The parliament of France is bicameral in nature that consists of a National Assembly and a Senate. By this process, the Government perfectly guides its citizen in the righteous path.

One of the most popular things, for which France is famous, is its cheeses and wines. Due to the presence of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France has attracted a lot more tourists than any people can imagine. The most favourable climate and the exclusive weather make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole world. Apart from the famous Eiffel Tower, there are a lot of locations, which are worth seeing like the St Tropez, which is very popular for all the wealthy people that come here. If you go there, you can have a look at all the top models, rich people and many celebs. Another great location, which always provides a charm to the tourists, is Chamonix, which is very much popular for its ski resort. Situated in the Alps of French and at the bottom of Mont Blanc, it is remembered for being the place where the first ever Olympic Games was played in the winter. If you are into palaces and monuments then never forget to see the Versailles Palace, which remains, as a remembrance of the kings that ruled in France during the 16th century.

France has one of the densest transportation networks in the whole world. The whole transportation network has been built as a web like structure that has Paris in the centre of it. In Railways, France has done a significant amount of development by introducing the LGV lines that are high speed in nature and also the TGV lines that has surpassed many records related to the speed of the train. The roads of France are well furnished and well-built so that there will be no problem for the citizens during their travelling. Making it smoother and easier, the Government has provided toll roads in many large cities of France. The marine transport is also one of the exquisite ones having ships of large size and length. The nation has a maintained register for all the ships that they have so that there will be no problem in the future for any missing ships. France has a great Air transport facility that provides the passengers with a lot of benefits. Among the various airports, the Orly Airport is one the busiest one in France.

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