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Czech Republic

One of the most dominating and valuable country where people can find all the luxuries in Europe is the country of Czech Republic. It has been described as a landlocked country that is situated in the central Europe. Four countries lock this nation from all the four sides. To the west, the country is locked by Germany and to the east, Slovakia locks this country. Similarly, in the north Poland is situated and in the south Austria stays. One of the greatly populated cities of this country is Prague, which also happens to be the capital of the country. Territories like Bohemia, Moravia and a little part of Silesia are also part of this country that is historical in nature.

Here the political system is a little different from the other countries of Europe. In this country, the prime minister is considered to be the prime leader of the government rather than the president. It is a democratic country and also has a parliament. There is also a chamber of deputies and a senate here that constitute the parliament. In the Czech Republic, the President is chosen by process of the joint session where various parliament members are responsible for choosing him. The president that will be selected can serve a term of five years, and he cannot be elected for more than two times as the president of the country. Unlike the prime minister, here the president has got limited powers that include the appointment of judges in the court of constitution or passing various kinds of bills to the parliament etc.

There are a lot of tourist attractions in this country. The first thing a person should see when he or she arrives in this country is the city of Prague, which is considered to be the heart and the main sightseeing place in Czech Republic. There are many nice sites that a person can see if he goes to the Old Town or the Castle District. Most important places of Prague include the Kutna Hora, Strahov Monastery and its Library and not to forget the famous Jewish Quarter. Apart from Prague, another place, which you can go to, is Karlovy Vary. The beautiful hot springs, the various galleries, museums and arts are one of the beautiful attractions for the tourists. It is called as the hub of culture and sculptures of Czech Republic. Other beautiful attractions in this place include the Tower of Diana Lookout, Moser Glass Museum, the Cheb and many more. Apart from the above two places, the walled city is most important of all named as the Cesky Krumlov. It has been preserved beautifully since the fourteenth century and has attracted people because of its museum of wax, the Minorite Monastery and many more.

The modes of transport in Czech Republic are numerous. There are railways for smooth transport, you can also travel by road or air or water also. In the case of the railway system, there are metro railways in Prague, and there are also tram systems in Prague along with many other cities. Electrified railway tracks are also there for fast transport, and the most appropriate and best company of the railway in this country is owned by the Czech Railways. One can also travel by road that is basically divided in two categories and that are express railways and motorways. If you want to transport by means of water there are port facilities in Hamburg, Prague and a lot of other cities. For air transport, the Vaclav Havel Airport situated in Prague is one of the biggest and best one that a person can avail.

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