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One of the finest and sovereign countries in the northern part of Europe is the country of Denmark. It has Germany in its south and has Sweden on one of its side and Norway on the other. This kingdom of Denmark is further sub-divided into two countries that are autonomous in nature namely the Islands of Faroe and the Greenland. Apart from this, Denmark has a peninsula named as the Jutland and an archipelago that is Danish. This archipelago consists of about four hundred islands. Having about a population of five million, the people basically use the Danish language, which is also the national language. This language is somewhat related to the language people use in Sweden and Norway.

The government of Denmark is the monarchical type that has a queen. However, the queen is elected by means of votes and election process, and there is also a parliament that provides all the democratic rights to the people or citizens of the country. Unlike other countries, the parliament here is unicameral type where the governing assembly stays in the capital city having all the political powers then and there only. This governing assembly consists of about 175 members and is considered to be the most powerful body of the legislature in the whole of Denmark.

For people who come from outside of the country, there are a lot of places that has been famous tourist attractions. First moving to the capital city of Copenhagen, here you will find a lot of parks, zoo and many more. The most famous gardens of Tivoli, Dyrehavsbakken and the zoo of Copenhagen have always been one of the most favorite sight-seeing places for tourist people. In fact, the Copenhagen zoo is considered to be one of the best zoos in the whole kingdom of Denmark because of its collection of animals, which you could hardly find anywhere else. Other cities like Jutland and Funen also have a lot of amusement parks, museums, art galleries and many more. The open air museum of Den Gamle By situated in Jutland is considered to be the most visited museum in Denmark. There are also many cities like the Zealand or the Lolland that have good resorts and historical buildings that are worth watching.

If you are an outsider and want to come to Denmark, then you can get a whole lot of options. You can either choose the airways or by road or by the seas or by railways. The transport system in Denmark is very good and has been developed a lot by the government of Denmark. The airport of Copenhagen is considered to be one of the biggest airports in the whole of Scandinavia that manages almost 23 million passengers in a year. Situated in the town of Kastrup, the airport has connection with the central station of Copenhagen. So, the passengers do not face any kind of problem to reach it. There are motorways and bridges that also connect a lot of cities and islands like the famous bridge of New Little belt, which connects the cities of Jutland and Funen. The government has taken a lot of measures in order to improve the flow of traffic in it. In the case of water transport, the Denmark port is one of the best ports that manage ferries who travel within Denmark and also those ferries that deal with people crossing the country. The port also has the facility in handling the cruise ships also. If you want to travel through the railways then the Danske Statsbaner is one of the biggest operators of railways in Denmark that ensures quick and smooth transport.

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