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Heathrow Connect

The Heathrow Connect is one of the world-class transport services running from the Heathrow Airport to Paddington Station. The service is provided for those who want to make their way to any of the intermediate shorter stops on its line to the Central London. The route followed by the Heathrow connect is more or less same as by the Heathrow Express except for it makes small stops on the way calling at some intermediate places. You can catch any of the trains of the Connect during the day as they come and go at the time distance of every 30 minutes. The fleet consists of the 5-coach trains operated on electricity.

There are different fare rates on different routes of the Connect depending on the ticket and the class you want to travel in. As for instance, it would charge you £5.60 while travelling from the airport to the Hayes and Harrington under the Single ticket; however, if you hold an open return ticket, this would charge you £11.20. The main advantage of travelling through the Heathrow connect is its cheap fares as it is affordable for the common public. For those who want reach Southhall and Hanwell from the Heathrow Airport, they would need to pay £6.30 when travelling with a Single ticket, but if you have an open return ticket, you will be charged with £12.6 on the route. Similarly, for the passengers to and from the airport intending to reach West Ealing and Ealing Broadway, the fare for a single ticket is £7.40 while for the open return ticket holders, it becomes £14.80. A relatively expensive route is to and from the airport to London Paddington, being the last stop of the route is £9.50 and £19.00 for the single ticket and the open return ticket respectively.

The average travelling time of the train of the Heathrow Connect is 27 minutes going from the airport to the London Paddington. This is to ensure that the passengers could save their time and money taking much lesser time on their way. They get to enjoy a luxurious journey stopping for a few minutes on their way to the Paddington, but it is definitely a very comfortable ride. You would have the train of the Heathrow Connect from the terminals 1 and 3 of the Heathrow airport and will reach Hayes and Harlington in 6 minutes. The next stop is of Southall taking only 4 minutes to get there. Hanwell is reached within the next 4 minutes making a short stop there. The next stop is then West Ealing after travelling just 2 minutes, and the second last stop of the train is made at the Ealing Broadway in a matter of only 4 minutes. Now the trains head towards its destination of London Paddington in 8 minutes.

The fares are accepted through all types of Railcards, however, you cannot use the Zone 1 – 6 Travel cards while travelling from the Heathrow airport to the Hayes and Harlington as they are not valid on the route. In case you need further information, you may contact us on our 24 hours open telephone lines. Our trained staff will help you in every way possible to guide as to which ticket will cost you less and will suit your journey. Alternatively, you may book your ticket well in advance by visiting our website on the internet. This facility is provided to ensure maximum utilization of time for the passengers. So, we are just a click away, grab your ticket in advance to make sure that you could get your train well in time.

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