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Sweden is the third biggest country of Europe in terms of area. Despite being one of the largest cities, its population density per square kilometre is relatively low. About 21 people live in every square kilometre. Its capital is Stockholm, which is also the largest city of Sweden. Sweden has the reputation of being a peace loving nation and has not indulged in any form of war since the beginning of the 19th century. About 90% of the Sweden population reside in the urban areas. It is one of the most developed countries of the world and has been voted as one of the most competitive countries.

Sweden like most other European countries follows a constitutional monarchy type of government, where the king has very limited power when it comes to governance. Sweden primarily has a democratic type of government. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Sweden is the fourth most democratic country of the world. Sweden is divided into 21 states. Each state has an administrative body and a governor who is appointed for a period of six years. For better functionality, each state is further divided into several municipalities. In total, there are 290 municipalities in Sweden with each having their own municipal government.

Sweden is a popular tourism spot, and there are many beautiful places you can go to if you ever decide to visit. The town of Falun is the oldest industrial towns of Europe. It lies near the bank of the river Falun. During the winter, this town hosts one of the world’s most popular winter sport event, ‘The Battle’. Many winter sport participants and spectators visit Sweden for this event. The city of Gothenburg contains museums, amusement parks, and theatres. It also hosts the annual film festival, which attracts a lot of tourists. The town of Kalmar once used to be the home of the Vikings. There are still trading posts present, which were constructed by the Vikings. If you enjoy water sports then Karlstad city is the place meant for you. The city of Malmo is an important economic centre of Sweden. It has many historically significant buildings, which are worth visiting.

Sweden has a good railway system that connects all its important cities. Their railway system is known as S.J. Both the high speed trains and the slower speed trains are used by the S.J. If you need to travel for shorter distances then talking the bus would be a wise choice. They are cheaper and comfortable as well. The railroad and the bus services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The bus facilities are divided into Express and non express buses. The express buses are costlier but are more comfy and quicker. Sweden has excellent roads and hence you can rent car services if you want. To hire a car you need to have a drivers licence and a credit card and you need to be minimum 20 years of age. Car rentals are present in the every major city of Sweden. For long distances, the favourable choice has to be the railway. Trains can reach places faster than buses and cars. The super fast train tickets will cost you more than the normal speed train tickets. Ferry services are provided in a few places. You can find ferries near Gotland and Goteborg city. The main international airport of Sweden is the Stockholm airport. Apart from it, there are 30 other regional airports present in Sweden. The flight services provide discounts for students and during the off season. You can check the flight prices online.

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