Portugal is a South Western European country located in the Iberian Peninsula. About half of the nation is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean making it a favourable place for the fishing and shipping industry. Its capital is the city of Lisbon. Portugal used to be a part of the Roman Empire and has continuously been fought for in the ancient times because it holds all favourable sea routs of the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal received its democratic status in the year 1974 after the end of the Portuguese Colonial War. Since then it has earned the title of being one of the most peace loving and developed countries of the world.

The constitution of Portugal was formulated in the year 1976 and follows a semi-presidential form of government, means that the executive power is shared between the prime minister and the president. The four main components of the constitution are the President of the Republic, the Government, the Parliament and the judicial courts. The parliament is composed of ministers who are elected for a term of four years. The president on the other hand has a five year term. The Supreme Court is the highest judicial body where as each state has their own Constitutional court.

Portugal is a hot tourist destination spot in Europe. There are several beautiful beaches along with dozens of places that hold historical significance. The most sought after beach is the Martinhal Beach Resort near the western Algarve. This beach receives a lot of god waves, which attracts a lot of surfers. The world record of a person riding the biggest wave successfully was accomplished in this beach. Apart from this, the Vicentine beach also receives very good quality waves. The Estrela Mountain is the highest mountain of Portugal. Every year hundreds of hikers and mountain bikers come here to participate in the annual dirt bike, mountain climbing and other such sports. The city of Belmonte has some of the oldest forts and castles of the medieval age. Portugal is also known for its vast forest reserves and wild life resources. Portugal is ranked as the 20th most visited country in the world receiving more than a million of foreign tourist each year.

Portugal is a developed country and since the advent of 1970’s has been on a fast track of development. It has been building roads of high speed automobiles. At present, it has a vast network of 70,000 long roads, and it is building more motorways every year. Its railway system is spread all across the country. There are subways in each major city, and some of the biggest ports are lined across the western border.

Getting around Portugal is very easy. You have options of using trains, planes, cars or high speed boat rides. Portugal has regular ferry services along the Rio Douro from Porto as well as the Rio Tejo for Lisbon. The bus services are owned by both the government and the private companies. Bus services are of three different types depending on the services and money charged. The Expresses bus services are the most comfortable. But if you want comfort at affordable price then the state run train services are your best option. The trains connect every major city but for smaller towns, you will have to use the bus services. You will also find tramp services in major cities. They have been operating for over a century. The major airports in Portugal are present in Lisbon, Porto and Faro. The main airliners are the PGA Portugal Airline and the TAP Air Portugal. Flights within Portugal are expensive compared to bus or train prices.