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Norway is the second least populated country of Europe. Historically speaking it used to be the city of the Vikings. It is well connected to the sea routes and holds one of the biggest fishing industries in the world. The capital city of Norway is Oslo which is also its most populated city having more than a million residents. Norway gained its independence from the Swedish empire in the year 1905. Till then it had been in a gruesome war with their government and a lot of good lives were lost. Norway has a rich deposit of oil and natural gas. 

The constitution of Norway was formed in the year 1814. It received inspiration from the American Declaration of Independence and the French Revolution. Norway follows a parliamentary form of government with the President as the head of the government. It also follows the traditional unitary constitutional monarchy where the king is the head of the state, but he has limited powers. The legal procedures are evenly distributed between the executive, the legislative and the judiciary departments. The legislative powers are executed jointly by both the government and the parliament. The ministers are elected for a term of four years after which elections are held to choose a new government.

Norway has many tourist attractions. The weather here is pretty chilly all the year round because of its closeness to the Arctic Circle. This makes it a popular choice of hosting winter sports. There are several skiing resorts present here, the popular among them are the Hemsedal and the Trysil resorts. Apart from this, Norway is famous for its varied landscapes, mountains, lakes and woods. It is a good place for wildlife enthusiastic. It is the home of some of the rarest wild animals. The polar bears are the main tourist attraction. Due to its harsh climate, Norway wasn’t populated until recently, so it does not have many historical sites. But most of the natural forests had been unharmed and hence it attracts a lot of hikers and other mountain sport athletes.

Norway has a good interconnected system of roads covering a distance of over 90,000 kilometres. Due to the bad weather, the roads need to be maintained every day. The better way of transport is the ferries. There are numerous water bodies entering deep into the mainland, and the ferries make good use of them. The rail system though not as extensive as the roads, connects all the major cities of Norway.

The Norway railway system covers over 4,000 kilometres of tracks and are mostly located in the southern region, as the climate is calmer there compared to the north. There are several local trains that connect the southern states starting from Stavanger to the central state of Egersund. There are many long distance express train passing through Oslo. The bus services are mainly used for the airports and the ski resorts, but there are extensive bus routes from Stavanger to other main towns. Norway has only one international ferry service present at the port of Stavanger on the west coast. Other ferry ports are present in Oslo and Kristiansand. You can avail car ferry and fast boat services here. The car hire services are also available. The Hertz is the premier car renting service available here. The main international airport of Norway is the Stavanger Sola Airport. The Norway government has been trying to include more international flights and improve the airport services. More than a million people come to Norway through flights. The other major airports include the Haugesund airport and the Scandinavian airport.

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