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Italy is a country in the southern Europe and is bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria and the Slovenia on all four sides. It one of the most populous countries in the world and is the fifth in the rankings in the population category among the European countries. The climate in this country is a temperate climate and has a vast area of around 301,338 square km. the capital of Italy is Rome and Italy is one of the participants in the NATO nuclear sharing policy. Italy is one of the leading exporters in the world and is ranked seventh in the category. It has the distinction of being ninth in the rankings of the economy of the world. Italian is the official language of Italy, and Roman Catholicism is the primary religion of the people of Italy.

Italy got its republic status in the year of 1946. It is a parliamentary republic country since then the head of the state is the president who is nominated for a term of seven years by the parliament of Italy. It has a proportional voting system, and there are two parliamentary houses called as the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic. And both these houses have the same powers. The head of the government is the prime minister and is appointed by the president who also appoints the cabinet members as well.  The major political parties in Italy are the People of freedom, the Democratic Party, the Northern League and the fourth one is the Union of Christian and Center Democrats, apart from these there are also other political parties.

Italy is known for the famous tourist spots around the world. The leaning tower of Pisa is one of the worthiest destinations in Italy. The Colosseum in Italy is one of the major tourist destinations and is a hub of tourists in Italy. The famous lake in Italy called as the Lake Garda is worth a view in Italy. Some of the other tourist spots in Italy include the Amalfi coast, the Mount Etna, the Sistine Chapel and the Lake Como. The other significant tourist destinations in Italy, which are worth visiting, are the Gardaland, the Mount Vesuvius, the Pantheon as well as the Trevi Fountain.  The Vatican museums are world famous tourist spots as well as the Florence Cathedral and the Rubicon. The museum, which is called as the Alfa Romeo Museum and the Piazza Navano, are some of the beautiful places of visit in the country.

The air transport in Italy is commonly the mode of transport. There are several airports and many international and local carriers plying on the routes linking several cities in the country as well as the other countries in the world. Alitalia is a national airline of Italy, and it serves the purpose of transportation in local cities as well as abroad. There are two airports in Rome and Milan respectively and international flights arrive in many cities of Italy such as the Naples, Pisa, Venice, Turin etc. However, Rome and Milan serve to be the hub of airlines transport in Italy. There are train services also as the modes of transportation in the Italy as well as from other countries. There are international trains, but there is no direct connection. The trains ply via different routes to reach Italy. There are different intercity trains as well connecting the different cities of the country. Even car travel can also serve as a transportation mode for the people to move to Italy from the other neighbouring countries. There are even several ferry services, which connect other countries to Italy, and mostly the ships arrive at Bari, Ancona and Venice. But ship services provide an ultimate satisfaction due to the scenic tourism spots in the country.

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