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Ireland is an island. It is ranked third largest islands in Europe and in the twentieth position in the world rankings of the islands. It is situated in the northwestern part of Europe. This island is divided into two portions. One is called as the Republic of Ireland, and the other is called as the Northern Ireland. It boasts of a population of 11 million in both as total. Low lying mountains are found in this country, and the climate in summer is warmer, and it is colder in the winter. The official language of Ireland is Irish, and the two currencies in this country are euro and pound sterling.

Ireland is a republic country with the President having all the ceremonial powers. It is based on a written constitution and the Prime minister is the head of the Government. This is all about the republic of Ireland. The Northern Ireland has a local executive assembly with a deputy-first minster with all the major powers. There are supreme courts such as the UK Supreme Court, and it is the final court of appeal. In the Northern Ireland region, the Northern Ireland Secretary has all the major powers. There is also a north/south inter-parliamentary Association, which is a forum and basically a joint parliamentary forum for the Ireland.

Some of the best tourist destinations in the world are found in Ireland. The Blarney Stone, The Dublin Zoo are some of the sites, which one should never miss. The Connemara and the Aviva Stadium are absolutely the hubs of tourists in the country. Some of the other significant spots of tourists in Ireland are the Dublin castle, the Ring of Kerry and the Croke Park. The Burren, the O2 are some of the structures in Ireland, which shows a significant architectural background. The Waterford crystal, the Bunratty castle, the Kilmainham Gaol, the national concert hall at Dublin are some of the wonderful tourism destinations in the country of Ireland. The national museum speaks volumes about the country and is a must watch for all the tourists as well as the Fota Wildlife Park shows the diversity of the country. The Dingle peninsula is something which one would not find anywhere in the world apart from Ireland. The largest island in Ireland is the Achill Island, which is famous for tourists for surfing, and the island has the world’s highest sea cliffs in it. Ireland boasts of the major tourism destinations of the world.

The transportation modes in the country of Ireland are railways, airlines, ferries as well as the road ways. There are four international airports in the republic of Ireland with many domestic and international carriers plying daily. The flights connect to the different cities inside the country as well as the other countries in Europe and world. The two major airline carriers in Ireland are the Aer Lingus and the Ryanair, which fly directly to other, parts of the country as well as abroad. However, the railways are not as advanced as that of the airlines. There is only one cross border train that links Belfast and Dublin. However, one can use the bus services, which are operated by Ulsterbus and the Bus Eireann as well as the Eurolines, which provide bus services to other parts of Europe. There are private travel agencies who also provide car services as well. Then one can use the ferry services in Ireland as there are as many as three sea corridors in the country and the three corridors have different ferry services to all around the cities as well as abroad countries.

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