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Finland also known as Finland Republic is one of the sparsely populated countries that are located in the Europe’s northern part in a place called as Fennoscandian. Sweden is situated in the west part of Finland, in the northern part it is bordered by the country Norway, in the eastern border of Finland you will get to find Russia and the southern part of Finland is covered by Estonia. This country is considered to be a partially land-locked country as it is mostly covered from all the sides. The people of Finland like to stay in the southern part of it, and it has an average population of about five millions. If we consider the area it covers, then survey has been done which showed the statistics that this country was in the eighth position in the whole of Europe.

In the place of politics, Finland holds a really good position in the whole of Europe. It is a democratic country, and the politician who is most powerful is the prime minister that has most powers. The political system of Finland is defined by its constitution. Here, the citizens of Finland have the right to vote for all kinds of elections may it be for parliamentary or for the elections for the Union of Europe. The parliament here is unicameral type and consists of about 200 members and the president here is considered as the head.

Finland is mostly popular for all the beauty that the nature has. There are a number of charming sites that a person can go to in Finland. Because of its charming and attractive tourist spots, it has become one of the best tourist places in the whole world. Among the various places, the Suomenlinna fortress situated at the harbour of Helsinki is a great architecture that describes the military of Europe. This fortress is called as a savior because it saved a lot of people when the country was attacked by the enemy troops during the 18th century. Apart from the fortress, there are also many places like the place of Lapland where people tell that it is the native place of Santa Claus, and there is also a village named as Santa Claus, which is like an amusement park. This place is most famous for the exquisite forest that consists of pine trees which adds to the natural beauty of this place.

In terms of the transportation facility, this country is famous for its cargo system that is characterized by the extensive road traffic. Transportation by means of road is the most popular means of transport in Finland and most people prefer this as their means because of the well-maintained highways and expressways. The next cheapest means of transport in Finland is the transportation by railways. There is a whole lot of network that connects one city to another, and there are also trams that help the people to travel small distances without any hindrance. The railway station at Helsinki is one of the biggest railway stations in Finland and has the facility of a lot of passenger trains. In terms of air transport, the airport at Helsinki-Vantaa is considered to be the largest one and the next one, which is just below this, is the Oulu Airport. These airports have got a lot of facilities that help the passengers for facilitating easy and smooth transport. There is also the provision for ferry services, which helps to connect one country with another. The cruise liners in Baltic have connected Finland with many countries, and the local ferries connect various islands with the mainland.

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