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Croatia can be found where Central and Southern Europe and Mediterranean Sea meet. This country has Zagreb as its biggest city, and it is the capital of Croatia. Apart from the Zagreb city, the country is further sub-divided into more twenty places. These places are called as counties. An approximate of fifty six thousand square kilometre of area is covered by this country and mostly has very mild and cool climate. Along the Adriatic Sea coast of Croatia, you can find a lot of islands. Having an approximate population of four million, this country basically consists of those peoples that are Croats and many of them are Roman Catholics. Recently Croatia was recognized as a new member state in the union of Europe.

Croatia is a democratic country that is unitary in nature and has a parliament. It is completely republic and has elections held in order to appoint the various politicians. During the year 1991, the country got its independence and after a year later, it was recognized internationally by the United Nations. There are various powers of the government in Croatia, which includes legislative powers, judiciary powers as well as executive powers. The government provides the right to every citizen of the country to cast their vote in order to elect any person as a politician. The president of Croatia has a term of five year service, he or she is directly elected by the citizen of the country, and unlike other countries, a single person can be the president of Croatia for a maximum of two times and not more than that.

Among the various tourist attractions in Croatia, Dubrovnik is always considered as one of the most beautiful place for the purpose of sight-seeing. It has been nicknamed as the Adriatic pearl because it was the only city in Adriatic that dared to challenge Venice very long time back and also has made a lot of developments since. The various architecture and sculptures found here are fantastic. The amazing monuments, churches, cathedrals, walls and a lot many structures define the beauty of the city. If you are a tourist to Croatia, then you should not miss the natural beauty of Croatia that is found in the Plitvice Lakes. These lakes are famous for its beautiful flora and fauna. It consists of about sixteen lakes that are interlinked with them to build this beauty and surrounding the lake there is a large forest where you can find a lot number of animals and birds like hyena, eagles, lynx, brown bear and a lot more. Another beautiful place that has attracted the tourists ever since is the island of Hvar. The agricultural part of the island basically consists of fields of lavender along with orchards consisting of various kinds of fruits. This place is like beautiful scenery, which you look at the pictures.

There are various modes of transport in Croatia, which includes by rail, by road, by air or by water. There are highways that interconnect various cities with Croatia and the local roads are maintained well by the government. The water transport here is divided into two categories that are the sea transport and the river transport. For the sea transport, there are ports situated in Zadar, Rijeka and many more places and river transport is situated in Danube and Sava. The air transport here is also very popular with Croatia Airlines being the most famous one. Although every mode of transport here is good, there is some disappointment in case of rail transport as there are very less number of electrified tracks.

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