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Belgium – Belgium Travel destinations and places to see in Belgium
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Among the various places and locations, Belgium is one of the beautiful places, which provide us with beautiful sightseeing places. Belgium spans an approximate area of thirty thousand square kilometres and is located within the borders of German on one side, and the Latin Europe on the other said as a result, there are basically two different kinds of persons living here. The first are those that speak Dutch that constitute most of the population of Belgium and the second group of people are those who speak French that constitute a less part of the country’s population. Situated in Western Europe, it has all the charm and aura that a country can provide.

In regards to the political background, Belgium has a very strong political culture. It is a democratic country having all the constitutional rights that a people need to have. It has a parliament, which basically consists of a Senate and the representatives of the chamber. There are elections held by which about forty politicians are appointed. Now, the members of the chamber are elected by means of impartial and proportional voting method through which about a hundred and fifty members are appointed. In many countries, the voting has still not been made compulsory but in this country, the voting has been made mandatory for every resident, and as a result, this country has the maximum voter turnout rates compared to any other country in the world.

There are a lot of places that one can visit in Belgium among which Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Dinant and Ghent are one of the best tourist attraction places. Brussels being the capital of Belgium is considered as the hub of a lot of institutions that Europe has. Among a lot of tourist attraction places that Brussels has, the most popular statue called as the Manneken Pis is one of the beautiful one and it is advised to everyone to at least see it once. Antwerp has got the collections of the arts of the most popular painter named as Paul Rubens who was a citizen of this place too. It also has one of the biggest cathedrals and the zoo of Antwerp is also considered as the oldest zoo in the whole world. Not to forget the main city Bruges that has buildings and monuments that may be ancient or modern that will fascinate the tourist people a lot. If you are interested in sports that are adventurous then you must not forget to visit the city Dinant. Here you can climb rocks or do canoeing and many more. Among all the cities in Belgium, Ghent is considered to be the most beautiful one with a great number of monuments that are worth seeing.

The structure of transport in Belgium is combined with the transport system of the rest of the cities of Europe. Belgium has one of the best transport systems in Europe. The transport by road or by flight or by ship or railways has been developed by a great extent in the recent years. There are railway tracks that are electrified for a better, smoother and faster transport. The roads have been paved for people to take their morning walks. There are also ports in various, cities and among the various ports, the ports situated in Antwerp and Bruges-Zeebrugge are considered as the two largest ports in the whole of Europe. The airport in Brussels is also the largest airport in the whole of Belgium. The transportation facility and the well-maintained roads have made the transportation to and from Belgium a lot easier without any kind of troubles or problems.

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