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First TransPennine Express

The means of transportation are at their best in the United Kingdom. The best services are provided catering to the needs of the growing population in the country. The train and tubes system is managed according to the standard standards making it the most efficient throughout the world. One of the dedicated systems of train in UK is the First TransPennine Express which serves the various routes in the Northern England. It is more of a link between the western and eastern coasts across Pennines. The major cities covered by the train include Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, York, Leads, Sheffield, Newcastle and Scarborough. Manchester Piccadilly is the calling or termination points of the three services of the TransPennines.

The trains run at a distance of 3 hours apart making it convenient for the passengers to get their train to commute between various destinations. The services work round the clock between all the major destinations including through the public holidays like the Christmas and the New Year’s night.

Services of First TransPennine Express:

North TransPennine:

The line carries along the four trains between the two major cities of Manchester Piccadilly and Leads at the frequency of an hour. The main routes of these four trains include Liverpool Lime Street to Scarborough, Manchester Airport to Newcastle, Manchester Airport to Middleborough and Manchester Piccadilly to Hull.

South TransPennine

The service is provided for the passengers from Manchester Airport to Cleethorpes runs on an hourly distance running through Manchester Piccadilly, Scunthorpe, Stockport, Doncaster and Sheffield.

TransPennine North West

The third service of the First TransPennine serves the route of Manchester Airport to Blackpool North, Windermere and Barrow-in-Furness commuting the passenger through Manchester Piccadilly, Bolton, Preston and Lancaster. The other lines used by the train include the Styal Line,  West Coast Main Line, Furness Line, Manchester to Preston Line and Windermere Branch Line.

The main classes of tickets:

Advance Tickets:

Booking your ticket in advance always comes in handy enabling you to travel without any hassle. So the advance ticket is offered to those travelling one way for a long distance. However, the ticket should be booked one day prior to the date of travel before the 1800 hours. Since these tickets are booked on first come, first serve basis and due to the large number of passengers, it is advisable to book it at your earliest. These tickets cannot be used for the train other than they have been booked for.

Off Peak Tickets:

If you are on a budget and want to commute at the off-peak hours when it is not rushy, you are offered a cheap train ticket. You may buy an off-peak ticket even on the day of your travel; however, it is suggested to get it in advance from any of our online or physical contact center. Our staff will guide you about the various discounts on children and railcards. Moreover, they can be used only on the date mentioned on your ticket.

Season Ticket:

If you are not sure about the exact dates of your travel, you may go for the season ticket as it offers you a time range within which you may use the ticket at your convenience. The tickets’ validity may vary from a week, a month or any time span between the next 12 months. It saves on your time, money and energy as you do not need to buy a new ticket each time you want to travel. Moreover, you may avoid the long queues too by virtue of this ticket.

Any ticket and time you want to travel, all you need to do is to get in touch with their staff at their contact centers and get your query answered within no time.

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