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The First Capital Connectis often abbreviated, as the FCC is one of the leading train operating systems, which connect parts of UK making the journey comfortable. It is the venture of the FirstGroup Company and is given the northern parts to be ruled by it. The franchises of the train operating system operates the rail services mainly indeed for passengers and are available with various options according to your need such as- super fast, semi fast with various stopping etc. Our website provides you with various details of the trains and you can choose from the list of options given according to your need. You can also read our 14 tips to buy cheap train tickets in UK.

The history of the First Capital Connect goes back to about eight years ago. On April 8, 2005, the franchise of the FCC was given to the national express, which was later given to the FirstGroup on December 13 of the same year. The franchise is said to end on September 14 of this year of 2013, which is actually helping to the better functionality, and performance of the trains.

In 2007, the train operating systems came up with the idea of increasing the train intake capacity with ran between Peterborough and Cambridge and thus made it quite beneficial for the company as more and more passengers started booking tickets. This idea also lead to the increase of the train size and eight to ten carriages were added with the train to accommodate the passengers. The train company also had in mind the schedule of the people travelling and thus took measures to reduce the crowd during the rush hours by increasing the number of trains running and also by reducing the delay between arrival and departure of two consecutive trains.

The First Capital Connect trains includes railway service in the northern parts such as –Peterborough, Cambridge, Gordon Hill, Hertford North, Welwyn Garden City, Bedford, Brighton, Luton, Sutton etc. Most of the trains have their departure from London and connects the various parts of UK. There has been some dissatisfaction among commuters, which is trying to be resolved with the increase in the number of trains and also by modifying the services.

Our website takes into account all the options and the features that the First Capital Connect trains provide and also provides you with various options, which helps you in booking tickets according to your convenience. We also consider your comfort to be the utmost priority and our service surely eases out the headache of booking tickets by giving long lines. With our services you can not only book tickets easily by just sitting in your home comfortably but you can also way out your various choices.

There are various types of trains that are available such as the nonstop super fast express, which saves your time, but the cost is on the higher side as compared to other varieties available. There are the semi fast one stop trains available, which are slightly easier on your pocket, but take more time than the nonstop super fast express due to its stoppage time. Some trains are also there which have extended their journey to suffice the demands.

If you use our website in booking tickets then not only will you save time, but you can also way out your choices according to your needs and you do not need to search anywhere else for the information. Sometimes a train might get delayed but that too can be known beforehand if you keep an eye on our website and there are also facilities of notifying you. The First Capital Connect trains provide you with good services, and our website helps you to utilize the services in an efficient manner.

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