National Rail

National Rail

National Rail represents the Train Operating Companies that form an association offering rail services to the people of United Kingdom. This association is essentially a continuation of the British Railways Board since the 1960s. National Rail has been very particular of carrying on with the lineage in terms of share ticketing structure and inter-availability amongst the association members and not in particular other Train service providers who were not part of this association.

A Strong Lineage Adapted and Modified to Be in Line with the Times

A lineage brings the continued support of the people of United Kingdom, an untarnished reputation, dependable services and exemplary client relations. National Rail has been able to carry forward this legacy from British rail with much dedication.

National Railway is primarily a title to promote passenger rail services while Network Rail owns and manages the fixed assets, including the tracks, signals, etc. Though for a passenger what matters to them most is the ATOC (Association of Train Operating Companies) owned National Rail, an umbrella term for all trains running across United Kingdom.

Easy Ticketing Services for Easy Commuting

For all ticketing purposes as well as time tables, National Rail manages the National Rail Enquiries website. What makes National Rail Enquiries an extremely customer friendly ticketing website is the absolute freedom to not only to select tickets between stations but also from among the ~20 Train operating Companies of the Association. This entails easy commuting from any city within United Kingdom to any other city without going through the hassle of checking tickets on different websites.

So no matter where your travel takes you to – England, Scotland or Wales, when you are at the National Rail Enquiries you know you can buy your confirmed tickets at the best possible fares for a seamless and hassle free journey.

Technological Upgradation to Make Ticketing Easy with Continued Support

With the privatisation of British Rail, National Rail Enquiries was the outcome for a one stop shop for all rail related matters for the people of UK. What started off with train fare and train time notification, National Rail Enquiries has been technologically upgraded with several technological improvements to stay in line with times as well as meet customer demands for improved and updated services.

  • ‘LISA’- the world’s first video based virtual assistant,
  • TrainTrackerTM, world’s first Real Time Journey Planner,
  • Real time online Journey Planner together with personalisation services,
  • 24x 7 Twitter service for service disruption,
  • Journey planning to and from London Underground Zone 1 and DLR stations and National Rail stations,
  • Journey planning to and from a GB postcode using National Rail stations in the vicinity,
  • New mobile website,
  • Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone, Smart TV app and Windows 8 Live Tile, iPad app, etc.

Journey Planning Much Easier with Updated Information Through Several Initiatives

More than 20,000 passenger services run on a working day with on time performance at most times. However, due to foreseen as well as unforeseen circumstances, there may be disruptions in the train services. With inputs from passengers as well as incorporating technology, National Rail Enquiries has undertaken several initiatives to help passengers plan their journey better:

  • More accurate and consistent information across all channels.
  • Personalised information.
  • Effective communication by trained staff.

The Journey Planner is a customer friendly tool that helps customers to not only help book tickets but also receive alerts of lowest fares. Based on passenger input of the two National Rail stations, the Journey Planner will provide up-to-date information about availability as well as the fares. Accurate and immediate information about any possible disruption will also be provided to help plan the journey better. National Rail can also keep you constantly updated of such disruption either for a ‘one-off’ time or for a longer period of time.

In case you are flexible about the date of journey, then opt for the ‘TrainTrackerTM’ that will notify out of the lowest fares on a particular date by a particular Train Operating Company at a particular time. Plan your journey 12 weeks in advance getting the best fares in your favourite train operating company at a time that you choose. Not just one journey- with the TrainTrackerTM, you can also plan multi-leg journeys through the website/ app.  In addition, specific offers and deals that passengers can avail to earn discounts are also notified to passengers that helps keep the travel cost low.

How about keeping a check on the train timings by either downloading the more generic timetable or a more personalised one. National Rail helps passengers to create their own ‘personal timetable’ wherein information of only requested data are provided. Instead of getting bogged down by unnecessary information, bud your own personal timetable and stay updated.

Multiple Ticket Options - Choose the One That Suits You

National Rail Enquiries cater to large number of customers daily with different request type as well as travel type. In order to offer them the best services, National rail Enquiries offers multiple types of tickets to suit each requirements.

  • Anytime Tickets: passengers are free to purchase Anytime Tickets, which as the name suggests entails boarding any train connecting the two specific station any time. Though this freedom may cost you high with demand being a factor that may spike up the fares.
  • Advance Tickets: National Rail Enquiries encourages people to plan in advance and hence offers best fares when tickets are booked well ahead of the date of journey. Passengers can book as much as up to 12 weeks in advance of the date of journey.
  • Season Tickets: If you are a regular commuter, then National Rail Enquiries offers you Season Ticks that will not only help you save on your ticket prices but also help you save time that you spend waiting in the line to get your ticket. With validities such as weekly, monthly or annual, Season tickets are the perfect way to travel for commuters travelling the same journey on a daily basis. The Season Ticket Calculator, a very helpful tool on the website can help you calculate the total amount to be paid once you provide all details as required for the journey.

What better way to travel then having someone help you choose better by offering you an assortment of reputed Train Operating Companies to take you to your destination, suggest fares to keep your travel cost low and offer you deals in the for of RailCards to help you save more. National Rail is committed towards offerings its passengers best services while constantly upgrading the existing ones or the larger benefit of its passengers. To get more information, about your rights and responsibilities when travelling on the National Rail network. Click on National Rail Conditions of Travel, (NRCoT)