About Eurostar

The UK is very well connected through trains. While there are many rail operators in the country, Eurostar is one of the prominent high-speed trains in Europe and has been running since 1994. It directly connects the United Kingdom with France and Belgium via the Channel Tunnel. It has serviced 130 million passengers till now which is a testament to its great services. Most of the vital destinations such as London, Paris, Lille, Brussels and Avignon are covered by Eurostar trains. The trains are well-designed with state-of-the-art services to provide you the best possible experience on your travel.

You can travel fast and comfortably from centre of one city to centre of another city with these trains. There are up to eighteen trains in a day to cater to the needs of every class of passenger. You will get a great value on the fares and it may be a better alternative to travel by aeroplanes. The check-ins are swift and there is ample space in the train to stretch. The trains are environment friendly as well compared to flying, which is a nice way to lower your carbon footprint on your travel. These trains can achieve a speed of up to 300 km/hr and cover the longest distances in a short span of time. You can travel from London to Paris in just 2 hours and 15 minutes and can also save yourself from spending money on airport transfers!

At present, there a total of 27 trains running between the UK, France and Belgium. All trains have 18 coaches with 750 seats, approximately equivalent to two Boeing 747s! The trains are being refurbished to provide the ultimate experience to the customers on their travel. Eurostar trains are also one of the safest trains in the world and have an admirable safety record. There are well-designed fire safety systems installed in the Channel Tunnel. The company has received a lot of awards such as European Rail Congress award for its top-notch services. The company has a long history and now it is managed by an integrated management team. Indeed, the company has now become one of the major train operators in their functioning area.


All Important Destinations Connected at High-Speed

The train operator offers a comprehensive network to cover a wide range of key destinations. You can visit a lot of destinations in France and Belgium from Eurostar UK stations. Eurostar map can be obtained from the train website which can give a glimpse of all the routes covered by the train. You can glance at the map to get your desired train route for your tour.  You will find an interactive route map through which you can easily find the accurate train for you.

You can also find Eurostar timetable from the website through which you can know the times of various trains operating throughout the day. Visit the website on a regular basis to get the latest updated timetable. You can also get the live departure and arrival times from the website to keep yourself abreast of the latest changes. Eurostar stations are located at the heart of their respective cities, so that you can easily travel between your destinations. Some of the Eurostar stations are:

  • London St Pancras International
  • Paris Gare du Nord
  • Disneyland Paris station
  • Brussels Midi
  • Ashford International
  • Lyon Part-Dieu
  • Lille Europe
  • Calais-Fréthun

Check the website frequently to get the latest information about your journey station, so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

Services to Gratify Everyone

You can choose between three classes (standard, standard premier and business premier) when you book your ticket, according to your budget and comfort level. Also, there is liberal luggage allowance on the tickets. If you go for the standard class, you can have generous comfort level within your budget. You can check-in up to 30 minutes before your train departs and also, you can book your preferred seat at the time of the booking. You can also buy from a range of snacks and drinks en route. If you go for the standard premier then you will get some extra services on your ticket to make your journey even more relaxing. You will get dedicated coaches having power sockets to take care of your power needs for your electronic equipments en route and spacious seats to relax and stretch. You can also have a meal served at your seat and will also get complimentary magazines.

But if you want the ultimate flexibility and comfort then you can for the business premier ticket. The tickets are flexible so that, if there is any change in travel plan you can easily get a refund or exchange. There are also dedicated business premier ticket offices to provide you ticket services quickly and conveniently. There are dedicated business premier check-in gates and you can check-in just 10 minutes before the departure. You can also relax in the business premier lounges and have a light snack or drink of your choice from a variety of options. You will get big, spacious and comfy seats where you take a sound sleep or can do your work restfully. You can also book a taxi onboard and save your time. There will also be a variety of magazines and newspapers onboard for the avid reader.

You can carry two pieces of luggage and there is no weight limit on them! If you are travelling with a business premier ticket then you can carry up to three bags with you. You can also use the EuroDespatch service if you would like to carry more items above your luggage allowance. There are also services available to carry musical instruments and bicycles with you. Check the train website further to view the complete terms and conditions and plan your journey accordingly.

Planning a Holiday?

There are so many deals and offers to plan your perfect Eurostar holidays. Visit France, Amsterdam, go for skiing, let the inner child in you come out at the Disneyland Paris, or explore Nantes, Aix en Provence and Bordeaux with Eurostar offers. You will get a lot of deals within your budget to book your ultimate family trip. Eurostar tickets are not simply train tickets, they also offer you other deals. You can also visit many exhibitions and museums with your tickets in Paris, Brussels, Lyon, Marseille and Lille. You can get a list of the museums and galleries that you can visit with your ticket from the website and also the provisions applicable on them. You can also find hotel deals through the website. With cheap Eurostar tickets you will get the best bang for your buck.

Booking Your Ticket is Trouble-Free

There are so many options available to book your Eurostar tickets and plan your dream journey. If you don’t like carrying paper tickets then you can download the ticket in your mobile and save the ticket in your wallet app. At the check-in gate you just have to show the barcode in your mobile to board the train. It is straightforward and quick. You can also use the dedicated mobile app for booking which is quite easy or print your tickets at home. If you like, you can collect your tickets from the ticket desk at the departure station, you just need to show your id to collect your ticket or you can use the self service ticket machines. Eurostar cheap tickets are the ideal option for you to plan your trip cost-effectively.

There are also offers for group travels so, do check the website before making your travel plans. Also, you don’t need to buy tickets for children under the age of four and there are discounted fares for children under the age of twelve. To book cheap Eurostar tickets, you should confirm your ticket well in advance. Booking tickets in advance is a good idea to save money and confirm your choice of ticket on your preferred route. Tickets are available between 138 days to 190 days before departure, so you should check the website frequently as cheaper tickets may sell out fast and there is one great offer, if you book tickets by using debit card then there is no fee for the payment. Also, if you use the website or the mobile app to manage your booking you can avoid paying the service fee.

Booking tickets through the website is swift and convenient and you can have your tickets within a few clicks. Choose your journey station from the list of stations available and specify the other details to get the list of tickets available for your travel plan. Choose the ticket that suits your travel plans best from the search results. Booking return tickets is advisable at the time of booking to confirm that you get your preferred train while coming back. You can view the departure times, arrival times, duration of journey and any train changes that you have to make from the search results. Booking is so convenient from the website and you can do it while sitting in your home. You will certainly be satisfied with the services on the train and definitely remember it as your most memorable journey.