It is unclear yet what the DfT/TOCs/RDG are going to decide in terms of banning travel, however we are in regular contact with stakeholders for updates on policy


  1. Customers with ‘flexible ticket bookings’ are totally refunded with an admin charge
  2. Customers purchasing ‘advance ticket bookings can only be refunded when they show a rebooking, in addition an admin fee is levied.

The problem with refunds is that the TOCs automatically take our 5% commission back, however the administration fee enables us to maintain the commission payments to affiliates.

If UK citizens are “locked down”, there may be refunds expected on Advance ticket type bookings ‘without’ having to rebook – as stated above, currently they have to rebook and the commissionable element is protected on the booking.

The government is talking about helping business and as we are now a board member of a trade association we helped set up 2 years ago TPRRA ( The Third Party Rail Retailers Association), which includes Trainline, we are actively hoping to put pressure to bear on the appropriate channels.

We are sorry about this, but rest assured we are trying our best to try to minimize the impact and will keep you informed of progress.

We ourselves are cutting back on marketing and other pro active activities for the foreseeable future and under the circumstances would advise similar measures from affiliates.

NB. Currently existing refund procedures are in action, hence there is no material adverse change to 3rd Party Retailers and affiliates terms