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About Megabus Gold

Travelling in bus can be a tiring journey, especially if it is for long hours. To overcome that challenge and to make bus journey more attractive and filled with luxury, Megabus introduced Megabus Gold services. On 8th July 2013, Megabus Gold UK coaches were introduced between London and Edinburgh/Aberdeen, as well some day services. It was introduced in-line with the luxury Stagecoach Gold and Citylink Gold services.

It is an overnight sleeper coach service, which provides comfortable bunks, free Wi-Fi Internet connections, power sockets for laptops and other electronics and complementary refreshments during the journey. During the journey, a fleece or blanket is provided to every passenger. Passengers have personal call buttons attached to their bunks or seats, in case they need something from the steward’s.

Unlike Megabus, Megabus gold routes are only limited to certain popular destinations for overnight journeys and day journeys.  The destinations for overnight journey are:

  • Aberdeen
  • Dundee
  • Perth
  • Edinburgh
  • London

The destinations for the day journey are:

  • Aberdeen
  • Dundee

It uses the same Megabus stations, which are easily accessible by public transport.

What About The Fares at Megabus?

The Megabus gold bus tickets fares start as low as £15(plus 50p booking fee), on a first come first serve basis for a limited period of time, so earlier the tickets are booked the cheapest it is. Fares vary depending on the premium routes, dates of travels, day of travel and the demand for the seats, still offering competitive price for the travel. To make the travel more luxury the bunks are covered with high quality linen.

Megabus Gold booking can be done from their website It has a dedicated option for search and buy, from where traveller’s can select the number of passengers travelling and also the destination before booking their preferred seats or bunks.

Passengers can avail various Megabus Gold offers during the promo period, like earning cashback rewards when tickets are booked online. Booking for the Megabus gold tickets can also be done using the Tesco Clubcard Rewards points. In the payment page it has a dedicated option for making a payment using the rewards token, hence given greater flexibility to the passengers and using the rewards points to make the payments.

As an added advantage, passengers are now allowed to select their type of bunk bed during the time of reservation. Couples have flexibility to book a couple bunk or if somebody is travelling alone can book a single upper bunk bed and unwind to some good music, reading a book, or even browse online taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi, along with complimentary snacks provided as refreshments.

Added Security

For added security for the gold bus services, your luggage will be stored on the coach’s secured hold. All the coaches are monitored by CCTV camera all the time, giving added security feature along with on board team of steward’s always eager to help you.

In order to book a journey with Megabus Gold, all you have to do is use the “Search and Buy” box on the site. It will highlight the options, where you can check the schedule and the Megabus gold timetable for the time of arrival and departure from the various bus stations.

Megabus Gold provides cheaper travel from one city to another and providing basic amenities like on board toilet. Gold services introduces luxury with cheaper travelling and also providing added security, on board steward’s, free Wi-Fi services, window shades, fold-down dinning table (for couples), coffee and tea stations, exclusive charging ports for the passengers, flexible bunk beds or seating arrangements and on board complimentary refreshments for the passengers.