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Trains to Oxford

    The centre of educational and cultural excellence. That is what describes the city of Oxford best. Situated in the southern county of Oxfordshire in England, Oxford is home to many education power houses which attract huge number of students, researchers and educational professionals to the city.

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    short of reasons to visit Oxford. You name it, sports – there is the Oxford City Rowing Club along with the University of Oxford’s Rowing team, and many other cities based teams in city which represent the city successfully in the national meets, music – many of the England’s bands have their roots in the city, education – University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University being the two of the biggest universities followed by scores of schools that have grown in the neighbourhood of the mighty educational temple.

    Oxford is very close to London and gets a fair share of the trains entering and exiting the city. Oxford has numerous trains running through the day over it, operated by companies like Chiltern Railways, First Great Western and CrossCountry. Oxford lies on one of the busiest routes around London. On one side of Oxford lies Reading and London and on the other side you can reach from Birmingham and Worcester. There are few or actually no train originating and terminating at the station of Oxford but as it lies on a busy and a bypass route around London to reach Birmingham, it gets a good amount of trains to ferry passengers.

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