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Trains to Chorley

    Want to know about the trains that run between London Bridge (LBG) and Chorley (CRL)? Get a comprehensive timetable, price quotation as well as the duration of the journey et al. All you need to do is go to an online booking portal and key in the information of the

    two stations and the day and time when you would like to undertake the journey.

    If you would like to make a savings on the rail fare, you have to plan ahead. Book advance Single tickets much ahead of the journey date, as per availability, and you’ll make a considerable cost savings via-à-is what it would have cost to buy the ticket from the local station on the day of the journey.

    As for the train timings from London Liverpool (LBG) to Chorley; trains leave the station at 12:02, 12:52: 13:02 and 13:22. These trains arrive at Chorley station at 15:31, 15:56, 16:44 and 17:09 respectively. The time taken to cover the distance is somewhat between 3 hour 44 min and 3 hour 47 min.

    The cheapest train tickets available are the Single variety for the Standard class tickets. It is £84.20 for each of the case. Single ticket during off peak trains will cost you the same. For Single tickets that you can buy to travel at any point in time is £162.50. And if you are looking for first class tickets for anytime travel, be prepared to shell out around £227.

    Take another instance when you want to travel from London Kings Cross (KGX) and Chorley (CRL). There are several options available in terms of time of departure and duration of travel. The trains leave the stations at 20:05, 20:45, 21:15 and 21:35. And guess what? The duration of journey undertaken by all these trains is as varied as 3 hour 16 min, 8 hour 42 min, 9 hour 16 min and 7 hour 52 min respectively.  In the first instance, you’ll reach London Euston from London Kings Cross by tube in 25 min. At 20:30 your train, run by Virgin Trains; leave London Euston and reach Preston at 22: 53. At 23:10 your train, run by Transpennine Express, will leave Preston at 23:10 and reach Chorley at 23:21. Similarly find out the route for other trains.

    After you weigh all the options and decide on which train timing suit you the most; simply go ahead and book the ticket as soon as possible. The sooner you’ll book, the cheaper will be the tickets.

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Trains To Chorley

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