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Trains to Bristol

    Bristol as known to all is the major hub in trains of the South West. As Bristol is a booming destination for tours, make use of our facilities for an easy and safe journey. Enjoying the beauty while travelling to Bristol can be fulfilled once you rely on our trains.

    Our extensive railway system makes sure that you have a safe and comfortable journey throughout.

    We offer you with the best deals which will make your trip definitely reasonable and convenient than flying.  You will be benefited in either of the cases: short trip or whirlwind tours as we help in booking a right ticket for you. You even get a chance if you are under 26 by taking advantage of youth ticket when you are not allowed to travel as a student.

    We provide you with all the necessary information as you log in to our website which will take your confusions and worries off. You will get all answers to your doubts like where you’re going, what time your train arrives, is it on time etc.

    Reservation is required if the distance is long as well as in case of high speed trains and wasting time in stations while booking they won’t guarantee a seat for you. So, no need to tense yourself when we are here for your assistance to reserve.

    One of the best way from Edinburgh to reach Bristol  is through East coast which departs at 10:00 and reaches sharp by 16:53 which takes hardly 6 hours 53 minutes with charges of £163.40 in standard class whereas £374.00 in 1st class. The route is not too clumsy as it starts from Edinburgh heading towards Alnmouth, Newcastle which stops at 11:27 by east coast where reservations are recommended and Wi-Fi is also available with total duration of 1 hour and 27 min. From New castle through Cross Country in which both 1st and standard classes are available along with trolley service and the route is as follows: New Castle it goes to Durham, Darlington, York, Doncaster, Sheffield, Derby, Birmingham new street within 2 hours 52 min from 14:27. Again by Cross Country to Cheltenham spa, Bristol Parkway and then Bristol temple meads within 16.10 and rest 26 min by bus by first great western by 16:53.

    The other famous route from Leeds to Bristol only with 1 change is very exciting and it’s through Cross Country which starts at 10:11 and arrives at 14:17 within duration of 4 hours 06 min and charges £110.40 per standard class and 1st class £240.00. It starts from Leeds and covers few stations and stops at Bristol temple meads at 13:41 within 3 hours 30 min and by bus only 22 min reaches Bristol at 14:17 sharp.

    Bristol has well developed networks in trains. From all the way from the UK you can reach here reasonably if you just log into our site where you can find online tickets available or you can know about cheapest fare once you get in touch through phone with our executives.

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