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  • Tickets is an Internet-based travel insurance provider that specializes in offering cheap travel insurance for individual holiday makers, couples, and families. is the business name of Your Cover Ltd. which is a licensed representative of Ancile Insurance Group Ltd. has a range of specialty options which are underwritten by other insurers, and you can just check out the policy wording for details.

Interestingly, the only way you can buy insurance from the company is online. They don't maintain expensive and gigantic call centers because they try to keep insurance premiums down. The savings they make by keeping lean and mean are passed down to the consumer, so they get cheaper premiums. Plus, you don’t have to listen to that awful background music while you’re waiting on a telephone call.

What about pre-existing conditions? The platinum policies can cover pre-existing medical conditions. However, the gold, silver, and bronze policies exclude re-occurring or pre-existing medical conditions. You should be aware, as well, that this applies to pre-existing conditions of close friends or relatives on whom the travel plans depend.

The packages can only cover residents in the UK. You must have resided in the UK for at least six months and have a permanent UK address. Travel Insurance Packages

Single Trip Travel Insurance offers economical single trip insurance policies for your upcoming vacation abroad. They can offer single trip coverage to individuals or families, couples or business colleagues, and everyone in between.

The package offers 24-hour medical assistance, free coverage for kids under the age of 18, medical expenses up to £5 million per individual, affordable coverage for single trips up to 24 days, scheduled airline failure, and catastrophe coverage.

You can pick from three different levels of coverage: gold, silver, or bronze. That means you can choose a policy that’s just right. For instance, a Bronze single trip insurance could be ideal for a one-week vacation, and a Gold package might be better for a two-week vacation in the Bahamas.

Annual Travel Insurance

If you like taking more than one vacation each year, then an annual travel insurance package might save you money.

An annual travel insurance package can cover an unlimited number of trips in a year period. Instead of purchasing single trip coverage for each holiday, you can save money and time and purchase one travel insurance policy that covers every one of your trips. They also offer discounts to families and couples on their annual travel insurance policies.

Make certain that you’re covered for all of your holidays. When you get a quote online for annual travel insurance, make certain that you select a destination that applies to every one of your holidays. For instance, if you are going to take holidays in different countries around the world, then select the worldwide package. also offers Backpacker Insurance, Ski Insurance, Medical Conditions, Over 55 Travel Insurance, Driving Travel Insurance, and Family Travel Insurance packages.

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