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Worldwide Travel Insurance is an family-run, independent company that was founded in 1993, and it offers quality coverage at rates you can afford. There are a have a number of separate policies available, and they are suitable for all kinds of travelers. Plus, they can insure several pre-existing medical problems as well, a feature that some travel insurance companies don’t offer. Worldwide Travel Insurance offers flexible travel insurance pleasure and business. Whether you’re going on a family vacation to France or a business trip to Germany, this is the right company to purchase travel insurance from. You can purchase your coverage online, or you can give them a phone call and set it up on the telephone. Travel insurance policies can be tailored to meet your needs, including getting rid of coverage you don’t need and adding coverage you do need – to give you a cost-effective, comprehensive coverage solution that can suit you best. Flexibility is the key with the travel insurance options here, and the company has a reputation for offering specialist coverage for travelers who have pre-existing medical conditions that is unmatched at other travel insurance providers.

Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance

Annual multi-trip travel insurance lets you pay just one time, and then travel as often as you want. There are European or worldwide options too. Kids can even go free on family policies. This coverage is designed for the frequent traveler. It entails both short breaks and long haul trips up to two months, and it is perfect for bookings at the last minute. An annual policy is perfect if you are planning to travel many times throughout the year. Families and couples can purchase coverage allowing everyone to travel alone, including school trips both overseas and in the UK.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

This is holiday insurance for all destinations. It is perfect for short trips of between 1 and 94 days. Kids can go free on family policies too. A medical emergency can happen even on a day trip, so it is critical to get travel insurance coverage set up for whatever trip you take. Baggage theft or loss, travel delay, cancelled trips or missed flights can all end a holiday, both financially and emotionally. Single Trip Travel insurance give you the coverage you need, whether you are taking a business trip, romantic break, or a family holiday.

Longstay Travel Insurance

This is travel insurance for long-term travelers and backpackers. The coverage ranges from 2-18 months. It covers working, and a lot of sports too. Specialist Long Stay travel insurance is perfect for long-term travelers and backpackers, giving them coverage from 2-18 months anywhere they go in the world. It is made to be open to all budgets, and it can be extended however many times during your trip without making your journey get cut short.

Wintersports Travel Insurance

This covers ski & snowboard activities for all destinations. Again, like the other policies listed at Worldwide Travel Insurance, kids can go free on family policies.

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